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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following actions was NOT something that Juvenal claimed that a wife would do for a lover but not for a husband?
(a) Make the man a father.
(b) Alleviate boredom.
(c) Cross the sea.
(d) Give up her dowry.

2. Which of the following gifts did the fisherman in Satire IV take as an offering to the king?
(a) A giant fish.
(b) A sea snake.
(c) An urchin.
(d) A lobster.

3. What type of goblet did Virro drink from at the dinner party?
(a) A solid gold goblet.
(b) A clay goblet.
(c) A plain glass goblet.
(d) A gem-encrusted goblet.

4. Which of the following did Juvenal claim to be the only thing that dictated fortune?
(a) Fantasy.
(b) Family.
(c) Fate.
(d) Fortune.

5. How was Domitian killed?
(a) He was drowned.
(b) He died in battle.
(c) He accidentally poisoned himself.
(d) He was assassinated.

6. To which of the following cities had Juvenal's friend, Umbricius recently moved?
(a) Sibyl.
(b) Magna.
(c) Superbus.
(d) Cumae.

7. Which of the following groups of soldiers did Juvenal call "pansies"?
(a) Romans.
(b) Greeks.
(c) Spanish.
(d) British.

8. Who is the narrator of this novel?
(a) Juvenal.
(b) Umbrecius.
(c) Trebius.
(d) Vespasian.

9. What does Juvenal claim propelled him to write and share his creation with the world?
(a) Community.
(b) Association.
(c) Indignation.
(d) Religion.

10. In Satire IV, which of the following characters did NOT advise the king about his exceptionally large meal?
(a) Rubrus.
(b) Crispinus.
(c) Pegasus.
(d) Zeus.

11. How were the poor within Roman society treated?
(a) They are heralded.
(b) They are mocked.
(c) They are pitied.
(d) They are ignored.

12. Which of the following emperors was the only one who respected the muses?
(a) Cicero.
(b) Brutus.
(c) Magnus.
(d) Caesar.

13. Which of the following activities is NOT a type of immorality discussed in the opening chapter of the novel?
(a) Adultury.
(b) Bribery.
(c) Greed.
(d) Vanity.

14. Why did Lords invite clients over for dinner?
(a) To entertain.
(b) To square debts.
(c) To showcase friendships.
(d) To pitch sales.

15. To which of the following characters was Emperor Otho compared?
(a) Cleopatra.
(b) Julius Caesar.
(c) Hamlet.
(d) Eve.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which writer type toiled most in Juvenal's society?

2. Which of the following men did Juvenal consider a "dandy"?

3. What did Juvenal claim women to crave?

4. Which of the following characters was best characterized as a cheapskate?

5. Which of the following goddesses was NOT a muse?

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