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Robert Hellenga
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the abbess in response to Margot's reply to the challenge?
(a) She has no idea why God would want some women to become nuns.
(b) That women become nuns for hundreds of reasons.
(c) That obedience is the most difficult vow to keep.
(d) That a book is evil only if in the wrong hands.

2. What has been discovered in the library?
(a) A rat.
(b) A mother with kittens.
(c) A pornographic book.
(d) The source of the dampness.

3. What challenge does the abbess have with the bishop?
(a) His need to always be right.
(b) His thinking the convent does not do enough for the people in their neighborhood.
(c) His attitude towards women.
(d) His rumored indiscretions.

4. Where does Margot finally disembark for good?
(a) Florence.
(b) Rome.
(c) Venice.
(d) Tuscany.

5. Who are the Mud Angels?
(a) People who search the mud for valuables to sell.
(b) Young people helping with the flood.
(c) The dark-skinned children in the playground.
(d) What Margot calls young children making mud pies outside her flat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the taxi in which Margot is riding?

2. What does the professor ask Margot a few days later in a taxi?

3. Who does Margot tell Postiglione came up with the drying process?

4. How does Margot replenish the supplies she needs for the library work?

5. What poem does Margot remember as she realizes she has been left stranded?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Margot discover about the way the nuns work and how does Margot react?

2. How does Margot react to the book that the postulants keep over night, and what is Madre Badessa's reaction?

3. Why are two of the postulants in trouble?

4. What are Margot's options for a room when she gets off the train in Florence?

5. What did Alessandro do on the day of the November 4th flood?

6. How does Margot respond to working at the convent?

7. How does the situation about the cassette tapes affect Margot's life even years later?

8. Who is Margeaux, and describe a scene that Margeaux is good at.

9. Why is Margot drawn to some frescoes she views in the convent and how is that uncharacteristic of her?

10. What are Margot's impressions of Professor Eugene Chapin?

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