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Robert Hellenga
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the judges take seriously?
(a) The Bishop's accusation of theft.
(b) The Bishop's desire to close the convent.
(c) The accusation of attempted murder against Margot.
(d) A request for annulment.

2. Why is Margot called into Madre Badessa's office?
(a) To learn about the restoration of the book.
(b) The Madre was worried about Margot.
(c) To see a new fresco found in the library archives.
(d) To hear a piece of music.

3. How does Margot attempt to fool the Bishop?
(a) By sending him an inexpensive pornographic book.
(b) She does not attempt to fool the Bishop.
(c) By telling him Sister Agata dies before confessing.
(d) By telling him that Alessandro is in London.

4. What does Margot want to keep away from the Bishop?
(a) The truth about the convent library holdings.
(b) A secret that Sister Agata confesses just before dying.
(c) Alessandro.
(d) Aretino.

5. What concerns Sister Gemma?
(a) Sister Agata dying without the Last Rites.
(b) Alessandro having to go into the hospital.
(c) Sister Agata telling secrets when she is delirious.
(d) The abbess dying.

6. What does Sandro think has changed about Margot from when he first met her?
(a) That she is no longer hesitant.
(b) That she is more religious.
(c) That she is more aggressive.
(d) That she is less confident.

7. Where do Margot and Sandro go to eat after visiting Volmaro?
(a) An arcade.
(b) The museum.
(c) A German restaurant.
(d) A Chinese restaurant.

8. Where does Margot enjoy living?
(a) At the convent.
(b) In town.
(c) In her own hotel suite.
(d) In a room she lets in an old Italian mansion.

9. What does Margot ask Volmaro as he is counting out money?
(a) If he will broker the book rather than buying it outright.
(b) If he will pay in American dollars.
(c) How Volmaro arrived at a price for the book Margot is selling.
(d) If he will auction the book.

10. What does Madre Badessa offer Margot?
(a) A small stipend.
(b) Some new books on God.
(c) Advice about Alessandro.
(d) A place to stay as long as Margot wishes.

11. What reminds Margot of her mother's death?
(a) Sister Gemma's death.
(b) Sister Agata's death.
(c) A movie she sees.
(d) The abbess' death.

12. With whom does Volmaro say he had made an agreement about the book?
(a) The Bishop.
(b) The abbess.
(c) No one.
(d) Sandro.

13. Where are the workers getting ready to detach some frescoes?
(a) The Florence Fine Arts Gallery.
(b) Lodovici Chapel.
(c) The Venetian Fine Arts Gallery.
(d) The convent's library.

14. Why does Sandro decide he will not ask Margot to marry him?
(a) He wants to try to make his present marriage work.
(b) She is too naive.
(c) She is too old to have children.
(d) He is unworthy of her.

15. What ironically happens when Sandro and Margot spend time in the afternoon together?
(a) Margot is no longer attracted to Sandro.
(b) Sandro is impotent and cannot perform.
(c) Sandro talks the whole time about his wife.
(d) Nothing out of the ordinary.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Madre Badessa regret?

2. What does Chapter 13 concern?

3. What does Margot's father tell her when she talks with him on Christmas?

4. What might an American woman come to regret?

5. What does Margot put in between the pages of the book she is working on?

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