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Robert Hellenga
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the professor ask Margot a few days later in a taxi?
(a) If she wants to be his lover.
(b) If she has been to the Alps.
(c) If she will quit working with him.
(d) If she will travel back to the States to get some books he needs.

2. How does Margot manage to get back on the train?
(a) Someone pulls the emergency stop cord.
(b) The conductor pulls her up onto the car as the train is barely moving.
(c) She jumps and the young man she saw earlier grabs her hands.
(d) She yells just as the conductor is about to signal the all-clear to the engineer.

3. What does the abbess in response to Margot's reply to the challenge?
(a) That obedience is the most difficult vow to keep.
(b) She has no idea why God would want some women to become nuns.
(c) That a book is evil only if in the wrong hands.
(d) That women become nuns for hundreds of reasons.

4. Why is Margot flying to Italy?
(a) To meet her father.
(b) To meet her fiance and live in Venice for a month.
(c) To help repair old books.
(d) To write her dissertation about Botticelli.

5. What does the train conductor tell Margot a bit later?
(a) Her stop is next.
(b) To return to her former compartment.
(c) She owes more money on her ticket.
(d) The tracks are washed out where she is going and she has to disembark.

6. What does Margot think she and the sisters will need in the library?
(a) A scaffold.
(b) A man for lifting.
(c) A computer.
(d) A scanner.

7. Where does Margot find Alessandro?
(a) At a small cafe.
(b) At the Lodovici Chapel.
(c) At the convent.
(d) At his apartment.

8. What does Lucia bring with her to a convent when she joins?
(a) Devotion to Mary.
(b) Skepticism.
(c) A large dowry.
(d) A rebellious attitude.

9. What does Madre Badessa ask Margot to do?
(a) Leave the convent.
(b) Talk with a priest about a book.
(c) Consider becoming a nun.
(d) Value a book.

10. What is more important than quantity in the library?
(a) Preservation.
(b) Organization.
(c) Authenticity.
(d) Quality.

11. Why might the convent not be financially viable?
(a) Damage from the floods.
(b) The convent is losing postulates too often.
(c) The bishop withholds funds from the convent.
(d) The convent has too many elderly nuns to support.

12. On what day does Professor Chapin leave Margot stranded?
(a) Freedom Day.
(b) May day.
(c) Thanksgiving.
(d) Christmas.

13. What is Margot drawn to when she is exploring because they are done by a woman named Lucia?
(a) Frescoes.
(b) Wool rugs.
(c) Icons.
(d) Tapestries.

14. What invitation does Margot decline?
(a) An offer of a room upgrade for more money.
(b) An invitation to have a drink at a nearby bar.
(c) An invitation to stay at a stranger's home.
(d) An invitation to see the Coliseum the next day.

15. What does Margot realize about the books she quickly assesses?
(a) They are terribly damaged.
(b) They are mostly relevant to the Catholic church.
(c) They are not too damaged on the inside.
(d) They are very valuable.

Short Answer Questions

1. What signs does Margot see in the city?

2. What does Margot's mother decide to do when she is dying?

3. What will happen when Margot goes to Italy?

4. Why is Margot's mother ecstatic after Margot's visit to Villa I Tatti?

5. From whose point of view is the first part of Chapter 4 written?

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