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Robert Hellenga
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Alessandro do on the day of the flood?
(a) Moves to higher quarters.
(b) Opens his apartment to others.
(c) Flies out of the city.
(d) Begins an affair.

2. What does the professor ask Margot a few days later in a taxi?
(a) If she will travel back to the States to get some books he needs.
(b) If she has been to the Alps.
(c) If she wants to be his lover.
(d) If she will quit working with him.

3. About what does Volmaro say he is being generous?
(a) His descriptions of the conditions in North Africa during the war.
(b) His agreement to wait for two weeks until Margot makes up her mind.
(c) The price he is offering for Margot's book.
(d) The price he heaps on Sandro.

4. Why does Margot's father break down and cry years after her mother dies?
(a) The tapes she recorded did not have anything on them.
(b) Margot's brother is killed.
(c) Margot's sister reveals Margot's mother's infidelity to him.
(d) His second wife leaves him.

5. What do the judges take seriously?
(a) The Bishop's accusation of theft.
(b) The accusation of attempted murder against Margot.
(c) The Bishop's desire to close the convent.
(d) A request for annulment.

Short Answer Questions

1. What ironically happens when Sandro and Margot spend time in the afternoon together?

2. What do the judges believe?

3. What does Father Francisco make clear to everyone?

4. With what does Sandro have difficulty when he and Margot are eating?

5. What has been embarrassing for Sandro?

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