Objects & Places from The Sixteen Pleasures

Robert Hellenga
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When the story begins, Margot lives here.


After traveling from New York, Margot takes this to Italy.


The town in France where Margot tries to get food while the train is stopped.

Pensione Medici

The boarding house that Margot stays in when she first arrives in Italy.

Villa I Tatti

A home that belongs to Harvard University.

Santa Caterina Nuova

The convent where Margot lives for a while.

The Book

This looks like a 17th century prayer book, but it is is actually two books bound together.

Allesandro's Apartment.

While still living at the convent, Margot begins to work on restoring the book here.


Margot goes to Signor Cecchi's workshop here to complete the Aretino.


Margot takes a trip with Elizondo to visit his family here in the Abruzzi.


Margot follows Alessandro to this place when he leaves her to rejoin his...

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