The Sixteen Pleasures Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Hellenga
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Chapters 1-4

• Margot Harrington flies to Italy to help repair old books that are damaged when the Arno River flooded.

• Flashing back in time mentally, Margot remembers when she was almost in college, felt free, and had her life planned out. Life did not go as she had planned.

• Slipping back and forth from past memories to current travels, Margot looks deeply into the world around her.

• Margot is mistaken for a French women on a train in France and two American women speak intimately and freely in front of her thinking she cannot understand them.

• Though the women are initially upset when they learn she is American and heard their conversation, the three women bond during the rest of the train ride.
• Once in Florence, Margot takes a taxi to a boarding house near the city center, first waiting for the taxi driver to change a flat...

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