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Alison Weir (historian)
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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the color of mourning in Spain?

2. On what did King Henry VIII have a reference engraved to his rose without a thorn?

3. On what day was Anne Boleyn executed?

4. To whom did Queen Anne entrust the care of her daughter, Elizabeth, in the event that something should happen to her?

5. Which of these men was not one assisted by Anne Boleyn?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Anne Boleyn accept her sentence of death?

2. In March, 1536, what incident changed the course of King Henry VIII's affair with Jane Seymour?

3. What aroused Katherine Parr's suspicions of her husband, Thomas Seymour?

4. What was the order of succession after the death of King Henry VIII?

5. Describe the coronation ceremony of Anne Boleyn.

6. How was Queen Katherine mourned?

7. Why did Emperor Charles V and the imperialists support the idea of a royal divorce between King Henry VIII and Queen Anne?

8. How did the birth of Princess Elizabeth affect the Princess Mary?

9. How did King Henry VIII first meet his fiancee, Anne of Cleves?

10. What happened in 1541 to sour relations between England and Scotland?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In what ways did international politics play a part in Henry VIII's marriages? Use at least three examples, thinking about the overall picture of Europe in the sixteenth-seventeenth centuries.

Essay Topic 2

In what ways does King Henry VIII change throughout the course of his reign? Think about this in terms of the physical, religious, social, political, and emotional. Use at least three specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

In what ways did Henry VIII's obsession with retaining his family's power manifest itself throughout his life? Consider where it started and how it was encouraged and allowed to flourish. Please use at least three examples.

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