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Alison Weir (historian)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what did King Henry VII die?
(a) A fall from a horse.
(b) A jousting injury.
(c) Consumption.
(d) Old age.

2. What was the primary responsibility of a queen?
(a) To entertain visiting dignitaries.
(b) To manage the king's household.
(c) To bear heirs.
(d) To advise the king.

3. What title was bestowed upon Anne Boleyn in September, 1532?
(a) Princess of Wales.
(b) Marquess of Pembroke.
(c) Duchess of Rochford.
(d) Queen of England.

4. How did Prince Arthur die?
(a) From a virus.
(b) From consumption.
(c) He fell off his horse.
(d) He was killed in battle.

5. What was the first step taken to dissolve the royal marriage?
(a) A request of the Pope.
(b) A legatine commission.
(c) An ecclesiastical court hearing.
(d) A legal trial.

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom did Katherine appeal for help by sending one of her servants?

2. Who was later hailed as the founder of the Protestant religion?

3. Who replaced Archbishop Warham of Canterbury after his death?

4. What monarch founded the Tudor dynasty?

5. Which of these was not an order issued to King Henry VIII from the Pope?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Thomas Cranmer's solution to the King's marital quandary?

2. Why was the Pope involved in Katherine of Aragon's betrothal to Prince Henry?

3. Describe the Princess Mary's childhood.

4. Why was King Henry VII so eager to marry his eldest son to one of Spain's princesses?

5. What was the relationship between King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn like between 1529-1531?

6. Describe Katherine of Aragon's journey from her home in Spain to England.

7. Describe the appearance of King Henry VIII.

8. How did Anne Boleyn persuade the King of England to propose marriage to her?

9. How was King Henry VIII betrayed by his father-in-law?

10. Why was the court closed during Christmas, 1517?

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