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Alison Weir (historian)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of these was not an order issued to King Henry VIII from the Pope?
(a) Not to remarry before he gave a decision on the case.
(b) To appear in Rome for the trial of his case.
(c) To marry Anne without annuling his first marriage.
(d) To put away Anne Boleyn.

2. What book did Anne Boleyn read and share with the King, who approved of it despite its place on the banned list?
(a) "The Supplication of Beggars."
(b) "A Glass of the Truth."
(c) "Utopia."
(d) "The Obedience of a Christian Man, and how Christian Kings ought to Govern."

3. Who is Anne Boleyn and her family suspected of having attempted to murder in February, 1531?
(a) Sir Thomas More.
(b) Cardinal Wolsey.
(c) Katherine of Aragon.
(d) John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester.

4. Against whom did Parliament present forty-four charges in December, 1529?
(a) Cardinal Wolsey.
(b) George Cavendish.
(c) Anne Boleyn.
(d) Queen Katherine.

5. Which of these men was not one of Katherine of Aragon's lawyers?
(a) John Fisher.
(b) Archbishop Warham.
(c) Stephen Gardiner.
(d) The Bishop of Ely.

6. On what day did the proceedings of the legatine court actually commence?
(a) June 18, 1529.
(b) May 30, 1529.
(c) June 8, 1529.
(d) May 31, 1529.

7. Who suggested a new solution to the King's marital quagmire in September, 1529?
(a) Cardinal Wolsey.
(b) Edward Fox.
(c) Thomas Cranmer.
(d) Stephen Gardiner.

8. Which leader was killed in battle in 1513?
(a) King James IV.
(b) Emperor Maximilian.
(c) King Ferdinand of Aragon.
(d) King Louis XII.

9. Which of these people was not a supporter of Queen Katherine?
(a) Sir Thomas More.
(b) John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester.
(c) Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk.
(d) Mary Tudor, the King's sister.

10. Which of these was not a title bestowed upon Prince Henry before his fifth birthday?
(a) Prince of Wales.
(b) Knight of the Garter.
(c) Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
(d) Duke of York.

11. What title was bestowed upon Anne Boleyn in September, 1532?
(a) Princess of Wales.
(b) Marquess of Pembroke.
(c) Queen of England.
(d) Duchess of Rochford.

12. How did King Henry VIII prefer to be addressed?
(a) "Your Majesty."
(b) "Your Highness."
(c) "Your Grace."
(d) "Sir King."

13. What did Charles V do to express his disapproval of King Henry VIII's legatine court hearing?
(a) He declared war on England.
(b) He came to England personally to stand by Queen Katherine.
(c) He recalled his ambassador from England.
(d) He wrote a treatise decrying the whole affair.

14. Who was arrested in November, 1530?
(a) Thomas Cranmer.
(b) Sir Thomas More.
(c) John Fisher, the Bishop of Rochester.
(d) Cardinal Wolsey.

15. At what time in her life could a woman gain the upper hand?
(a) After her marriage.
(b) During courtship.
(c) As a mother.
(d) As a widow.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what leader did Henry VIII marry his sister, Mary Tudor?

2. What was the title of Erasmus' book, written in 1526, with which Queen Katherine was impressed?

3. Where were Prince Arthur and Katherine of Aragon married?

4. Which of these songs did Henry VIII compose for Katherine of Aragon?

5. Whose residence was at Hampton Court?

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