Objects & Places from The Six Wives of Henry VIII

Alison Weir (historian)
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London - This is the capital city of England.

The Tower of London - This is an ancient castle in the center of London, primarily used as a prison in Tudor England.

Henry's Court - This is a large gathering of people, advisers, ambassadors, their escorts and servants, all striving to gain influence with the Crown.

France - Throughout history, this has been at different times England's chief political and military rival, and one of its most powerful allies.

Spain - This was one the most important military, political and economic powers in Europe during the sixteenth century, and a wedding between its royal family and another sealed an alliance between them, at least for a while.

Henry's Leg Wound - The author contends that this was the principal source of the King's increasing irritability and eventual tyranny, with the frustrating suffering he experienced aggravated by his...

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