The Six Wives of Henry VIII Fun Activities

Alison Weir (historian)
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Creative Casting

Working as a class, small groups, or individually, create a "dream cast" for a movie version of this book.


Create a soundtrack for a film version of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII." Consider whether or not you would alter the setting (time/place) and how that might affect music choice. Would you use music from the 1500s? Or would you use contemporary choices? Or a mix? And at what point would you use which songs? (this is perhaps an activity that could be done in small groups)

Creative Collage

Using magazines, create a collage of images that remind you of the book.

Literary Term Bingo

Create bingo cards of the literary terms studied while reading "The Six Wives of Henry VIII." Call out their definitions and have students match them to the terms on their cards.

Poetry Writing

Write a poem as Henry VIII...

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