The Six Wives of Henry VIII Character Descriptions

Alison Weir (historian)
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Henry VIII

This monarch ruled England from 1509 through 1537, and was responsible for some of the most defining moments of English history.

Katherine of Aragon

This princess of Spain insisted to the moment of her death that her first marriage was never consummated, and that she was therefore her husband's true and only wife.

Anne Boleyn

This ambitious and self-serving person used her attractiveness to gain influence for herself and her family, and she was one of the major reasons that a new church was created in England.

Jane Seymour

This person died of a poorly treated infectious fever following the birth of her only child.

Anne of Cleves

This naïve and trusting person had no idea that her new spouse was displeased, having fallen in love with a misrepresentative portrait.

Katherine Howard

This young, charming person committed treasonous adultery and was executed at the young age of...

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