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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Boaz and Unk not killed by the explosion on Mercury?
(a) The ship's emergency systems restore pressure.
(b) They were standing too far away from the blast site.
(c) The ship's outer doors confined all the damage.
(d) The air on Mercury is breathable.

2. What are, according to Rumfoord, Malachi Constant's three greatest sins?
(a) His decadence, his wealth, and his inability to help others.
(b) His decadence, his immorality, and his belief in his own good luck.
(c) His wealth, immorality, and his inability to help others.
(d) His immorality, his wealth, and his belief in his own good luck.

3. Rumfoord tells Malachi that he must go into exile to pay for his sins. Where is Rumfoord sending Malachi?
(a) To Mars.
(b) To Saturn.
(c) To Titan.
(d) To Mercury.

4. How does Bee react to learning of her exile with Malachi?
(a) She hurls rocks at Rumfoord.
(b) She is glad that Chrono is being exiled too.
(c) She falls to her death as she climbs the ladder.
(d) She is glad to get away from Earth.

5. When Unk falls asleep in the cave, who does Unk dream is waiting for him?
(a) Stony.
(b) Bee.
(c) Chrono.
(d) Winston.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do Boaz and Unk realize they are not on Earth?

2. What condition is the space ship in when Malachi, Beatrice, and Chrono board to leave earth?

3. Who is directing the harmoniums to leave messages for Unk and Boaz?

4. After Boaz and Unk's ship takes off from Mars, where do the two men think they are headed?

5. Where does Bee and Chrono's ship crash land?

Short Essay Questions

1. Contrast Boaz's living arrangements with Unk's living arrangements while the two men are stranded on Mercury.

2. What do Rumfoord's waves of materialization coincide with?

3. How does Tralfamadore communicate with Salo?

4. What is preventing Unk and Boaz from simply flying their space ship to Earth?

5. Why did the power plant on Salo's ship develop problems so that Salo had to land on Titan so many years earlier?

6. What does Rumfoord tell Malachi that his exile will mean to Rumfoord's followers?

7. What is the "taste of hell" that the Martian commandos rain down on Earth?

8. As Malachi climbs the ladder to the space ship and prepares for his upcoming exile on Titan, why is he weeping?

9. When the space ship finally lands, why does Boaz rush to open the spacecraft's outer door?

10. Why do the harmoniums continue to leave messages in the cave for Unk and Boaz?

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