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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How will the new faith's followers be informed that their expected miracle has occurred?
(a) The Reverend will tell the paper.
(b) The Reverend will shine a light into the sky.
(c) The Reverend will yell for all to come near.
(d) The Reverend will ring a bell.

2. Who does Rumfoord reintroduce Unk to in front of the crowd assembled at the estate who came to see the Space Wanderer in person?
(a) Unk's mate and child.
(b) Unk's first wife.
(c) Unk's former company commander.
(d) Unk's missing friend.

3. How does Salo kill himself?
(a) Salo dismantles himself.
(b) Salo drowns himself.
(c) Salo uses Chrono's knife.
(d) Salo ingests the ship's fuel.

4. As "A Puzzle Solved" begins, what are Unk and Boaz using the space ship for?
(a) Exploration.
(b) Oxygen.
(c) Storage.
(d) Protection.

5. How do Chrono and Bee escape the Amazon jungle?
(a) Chrono and Bee send a distress signal back to Mars.
(b) Chrono and Bee are aided by natives.
(c) Chrono and Bee are rescued by a helicopter.
(d) Chrono and Bee follow the Amazon river to the sea.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is directing the harmoniums to leave messages for Unk and Boaz?

2. What happens once every fourteen days on Mercury?

3. Who is the man on Earth who manages the Martian investments?

4. Why did Salo originally land on Titan?

5. What is hanging in the church that Unk lands near in "An Age of Miracles", awaiting the predicted miracle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Rumfoord's waves of materialization coincide with?

2. When the crowd of people on Earth gather around the newly landed space ship and ask Unk what his name is and what happened to him, how does Unk respond?

3. Why does Bee agree to be exiled with Malachi?

4. What makes Bee different from all of the other souvenir sellers that came from Mars?

5. As Unk's ship lands on Earth, what is the one desire that is driving Unk on?

6. What does Rumfoord tell Malachi that his exile will mean to Rumfoord's followers?

7. When the space ship finally lands, why does Boaz rush to open the spacecraft's outer door?

8. What true purpose does the Martian commandos' attack serve?

9. Contrast Boaz's living arrangements with Unk's living arrangements while the two men are stranded on Mercury.

10. What is the "taste of hell" that the Martian commandos rain down on Earth?

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