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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are, according to Rumfoord, Malachi Constant's three greatest sins?
(a) His decadence, his wealth, and his inability to help others.
(b) His decadence, his immorality, and his belief in his own good luck.
(c) His immorality, his wealth, and his belief in his own good luck.
(d) His wealth, immorality, and his inability to help others.

2. Why did Salo originally land on Titan?
(a) Salo needed to rest.
(b) His ship developed power plant problems.
(c) Salo needed to restock his food supply.
(d) His ship developed air intake problems.

3. Why does learning his real name have very little effect on Malachi?
(a) Because Malachi is astounded by his upcoming exile.
(b) Because Malachi is looking forward to leaving Earth again.
(c) Because Malachi cannot remember his former life.
(d) Because Malachi is amazed to recognize Rumfoord.

4. When Salo first meets Malachi, Beatrice, and Chrono on Titan, what does Salo tell them?
(a) That Rumfoord's dog is loose.
(b) That Salo killed Rumfoord.
(c) That Rumfoord is dying and wishes to see them.
(d) That Rumfoord has warned Salo about them.

5. After taking off from Mercury, where does Unk's space ship land?
(a) In Rhode Island.
(b) In Massachusetts.
(c) On Titan.
(d) On Mars.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the Martian Imperial Commando unit land?

2. What happens once every fourteen days on Mercury?

3. What is Chrono rubbing as he urges Malachi and Beatrice to get the ship launched?

4. What is the name of the church Unk's space ship lands near in "An Age of Miracles"?

5. What happens when Salo visits Rumfoord just before Malachi's ship arrives on Titan?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Unk's ship lands on Earth, what is the one desire that is driving Unk on?

2. What true purpose does the Martian commandos' attack serve?

3. What makes Bee different from all of the other souvenir sellers that came from Mars?

4. As Malachi climbs the ladder to the space ship and prepares for his upcoming exile on Titan, why is he weeping?

5. As Unk looks out the space ship's window, he sees a message. What does the message say?

6. Why does Bee agree to be exiled with Malachi?

7. When the space ship finally lands, why does Boaz rush to open the spacecraft's outer door?

8. Why did the power plant on Salo's ship develop problems so that Salo had to land on Titan so many years earlier?

9. What is Boaz's philosophy on life?

10. Contrast Boaz's living arrangements with Unk's living arrangements while the two men are stranded on Mercury.

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