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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As part of the rechristening ceremonies, what will space corporation's rocket ship be renamed?
(a) The Great Hope.
(b) The Odyssey.
(c) The Rumfoord.
(d) The Seeker.

2. When would Noel sell the shares of the company he was currently invested in?
(a) When the value of his shares had quadrupled.
(b) When the value of his shares had doubled.
(c) When he had owned the shares for three months.
(d) When the shares showed a slowing growth pattern.

3. What was one of Noel's guiding rules at the beginning of his investment career?
(a) Noel only purchased shares in high-growth industries.
(b) Noel only sought companies that believed in space exploration.
(c) Noel only owned shares in one corporation at a time.
(d) Noel only bought shares in family-friendly corporations.

4. What ship are Boaz and Unk scheduled to fly to Earth on?
(a) The moon landing ship.
(b) The early deployment ship.
(c) The company mother ship.
(d) The command ship.

5. Who are the models in the MoonMist cigarette ad?
(a) Malachi's three favorite dates.
(b) Rumfoord's house guests.
(c) The three models from Mars.
(d) The three sirens from Titan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the space corporation's rocket ship?

2. What happens to Unk when he pauses before the bound man?

3. Who is Moncrief?

4. Who is Unk's commanding officer?

5. What other facet of Martian life - aside from the sky - seems wrong to Unk?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are goofballs and what is their purpose?

2. What do Rumfoord's waves of materialization coincide with?

3. Why did the power plant on Salo's ship develop problems so that Salo had to land on Titan so many years earlier?

4. What does the man at the stake tell Unk with his dying breath?

5. When the crowd of people on Earth gather around the newly landed space ship and ask Unk what his name is and what happened to him, how does Unk respond?

6. At the end of his life, how does Malachi come to end up on Earth?

7. What is Boaz and Unk's space ship programmed to do when the ship reaches its destination?

8. According to the narrator, what did Earth's advance agents find in space that had already been found in abundance on Earth?

9. As Unk's unit is marching through Phoebe, why does Unk drop the grenade and leave his unit?

10. Why does Bee agree to be exiled with Malachi?

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