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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the President of the United States announce as a way to curb unemployment?
(a) The New Age of Modernization.
(b) The New Age of Space.
(c) The New Age of Competition.
(d) The New Age of Exploration.

2. Where do the materializations take place?
(a) At an estate in Newport, Rhode Island.
(b) In an old church in Plymouth, Massachusetts.
(c) In the City of Phoebe on the planet Mars.
(d) At an abandoned school in Providence, Rhode Island.

3. What happens to Unk when he pauses before the bound man?
(a) The man thanks Unk.
(b) Unk passes out.
(c) A warning pain shoots through Unk's head.
(d) The order to Unk is repeated.

4. What does Boaz think causes the explosion on the street as the unit marches through the city?
(a) An enemy attack.
(b) Faulty ammunition.
(c) Kids.
(d) Sewer gas.

5. What other facet of Martian life - aside from the sky - seems wrong to Unk?
(a) Unk is always cold.
(b) Unk is always tired.
(c) Unk is always awake.
(d) Unk is always hot.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of "Tent Rentals", the story has shifted locations. Where is the story now taking place?

2. Who is Ransom K. Fern?

3. During the first two years at the Wilburhampton, who was Noel's only visitor?

4. As Unk stands in the square formation, he notices the color of the sky because the color seems wrong to him. What color is the sky?

5. Ransom considers himself to be superior to Malachi in every way except one. What is the one way?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is United Hotcake?

2. Describe Noel Constant's investment strategy.

3. When the reader is first introduced to Ransom K. Fern, the reader learns that he will be quitting his job. Why does Ransom K. Fern quit?

4. After talking with Boaz in the barracks, Unk passes out. Why?

5. How does Ransom's philosophy actually help him in business?

6. What is the most important rule in the Martian army?

7. Name five items that Boaz and Unk's invasion ship is carrying.

8. According to the narrator, what did Earth's advance agents find in space that had already been found in abundance on Earth?

9. According to the hospital, what is the very worst thing that Unk can do?

10. What are goofballs and what is their purpose?

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