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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Unk discover one day on the floor of the cave?
(a) A corpse.
(b) Spare parts.
(c) Human footprints.
(d) Dog prints.

2. After taking off from Mercury, where does Unk's space ship land?
(a) In Massachusetts.
(b) On Mars.
(c) On Titan.
(d) In Rhode Island.

3. After leaving Mars and flying through space, where does Boaz and Unk's ship land?
(a) On Titan.
(b) On Mars.
(c) On Mercury.
(d) On Earth.

4. How many languages does Salo speak?
(a) 500.
(b) 5.
(c) 5,000.
(d) 50.

5. Why does learning his real name have very little effect on Malachi?
(a) Because Malachi is looking forward to leaving Earth again.
(b) Because Malachi cannot remember his former life.
(c) Because Malachi is amazed to recognize Rumfoord.
(d) Because Malachi is astounded by his upcoming exile.

6. How will the new faith's followers be informed that their expected miracle has occurred?
(a) The Reverend will tell the paper.
(b) The Reverend will shine a light into the sky.
(c) The Reverend will yell for all to come near.
(d) The Reverend will ring a bell.

7. What has Boaz taken from the space ship to use in his cave home?
(a) A tape player.
(b) An outer door.
(c) A place setting.
(d) A bed.

8. Who is the mastermind behind the Martian suicide?
(a) Winston Rumfoord.
(b) Malachi Constant.
(c) Earl Moncrief.
(d) Ransom K. Fern.

9. Why are Boaz and Unk not killed by the explosion on Mercury?
(a) The ship's outer doors confined all the damage.
(b) The air on Mercury is breathable.
(c) The ship's emergency systems restore pressure.
(d) They were standing too far away from the blast site.

10. What do Malachi and Beatrice do in the space ship before finally closing the outer door?
(a) Shoot at Winston.
(b) Push the garbage out of the open doorway.
(c) Wave at the crowd below.
(d) Beg for one more chance.

11. When do Boaz and Unk realize they are not on Earth?
(a) When the explosion occurs.
(b) When the spacecraft first lands.
(c) When they see the crystal structures.
(d) When they see the harmoniums.

12. When Unk wakes from his dream in the cave, he is filled with rage. What does Unk do as a result of his rage?
(a) Unk throws himself into a wall.
(b) Unk smashes a window on the ship with his hand.
(c) Unk rips a harmonium in half.
(d) Unk picks a fight with Boaz.

13. While Rumfoord and Unk are standing on the platform before the crowd, what information does Rumfoord reveal to Unk?
(a) That Unk has another child.
(b) That Unk's real name is Malachi Constant.
(c) That Unk's friend Stony will arrive shortly.
(d) That Unk is a wealthy man.

14. As Malachi's ship approaches Titan, what does Rumfoord tell Salo is on the incoming ship?
(a) Salo's nemesis.
(b) Salo's replacement part.
(c) Evil.
(d) Destruction.

15. How do harmoniums reproduce?
(a) By pollination.
(b) By laying eggs.
(c) By live birth.
(d) By flaking off pieces that then begin to grow.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is directing the harmoniums to leave messages for Unk and Boaz?

2. What happens when Salo visits Rumfoord just before Malachi's ship arrives on Titan?

3. Who is responsible for the technological triumphs during the Martian suicide?

4. How do Chrono and Bee escape the Amazon jungle?

5. When Unk sees the crystal structures, he remembers a name. What name does Unk remember?

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