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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through A Puzzle Solved.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the explosion on Mercury, what do Boaz and Unk decide to do?
(a) Send a distress signal to the rest of the fleet.
(b) Explore their new home.
(c) Fly away from the planet and find Earth.
(d) Return to the surface and find people.

2. Who is the bound man searching the group of soldiers for?
(a) Malachi.
(b) Salo.
(c) Unk.
(d) Winston.

3. Who is Malachi Constant?
(a) The owner of the Newport estate.
(b) The man who materializes.
(c) The wealthiest man on Earth.
(d) The father of Winston Rumfoord.

4. Who was the second visitor to Noel's room at the Wilburhampton?
(a) A company fraud investigator.
(b) A Banking Commission agent.
(c) An Internal Revenue agent.
(d) An insurance investigator.

5. What other facet of Martian life - aside from the sky - seems wrong to Unk?
(a) Unk is always cold.
(b) Unk is always tired.
(c) Unk is always hot.
(d) Unk is always awake.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ransom considers himself to be superior to Malachi in every way except one. What is the one way?

2. What persistent sound finally rouses Malachi from his drunken stupor at his home after the multi-day party?

3. How long does the Martian-Earthling war last?

4. At the beginning of "Tent Rentals", the story has shifted locations. Where is the story now taking place?

5. What do harmoniums feed on?

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