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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through United Hotcake Preferred.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Moncrief?
(a) The banker in charge of Malachi's accounts.
(b) The president of Malachi's company.
(c) The helicopter pilot.
(d) The butler at the Rumfoord estate.

2. What is unique about the furniture in Fern's office?
(a) None of the furniture is meant to be sat on.
(b) None of the furniture has legs.
(c) There are no right angles on any of the furniture pieces.
(d) All of the furniture is glass.

3. What was one of Noel's guiding rules at the beginning of his investment career?
(a) Noel only purchased shares in high-growth industries.
(b) Noel only owned shares in one corporation at a time.
(c) Noel only bought shares in family-friendly corporations.
(d) Noel only sought companies that believed in space exploration.

4. During the first two years at the Wilburhampton, who was Noel's only visitor?
(a) His banker.
(b) The chambermaid.
(c) The pizza delivery man.
(d) His investment counselor.

5. After only twelve months of investing, how much money had Noel Constant earned?
(a) $1.25 million.
(b) $12,500.
(c) $1.25 billion.
(d) $125,000.

Short Answer Questions

1. During what time period do the events in the story take place?

2. What does the President of the United States announce as a way to curb unemployment?

3. What does Winston reveal to Malachi about Titan?

4. Who is nicknamed Skip?

5. What unique talent does Rumfoord display?

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