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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through United Hotcake Preferred.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has invited Malachi to witness the materialization?
(a) Malachi wasn't invited.
(b) Winston invited Malachi.
(c) Unk invited Malachi.
(d) Ransom Fern invited Malachi.

2. What are the twelve sides of the company's headquarter building said by the architect to represent?
(a) The twelve great political movements of the world.
(b) The twelve smaller companies owned by Malachi.
(c) The twelve great religions of the world.
(d) The twelve moons of Saturn.

3. When Malachi meets Ransom at the company's headquarters, what does Ransom tell Malachi?
(a) That the building has been sold.
(b) That the company will be alright - just weather the storm.
(c) That the furniture company will end up making money.
(d) That they are the only two people left in the building.

4. How is the crowd notified when a materialization has taken place?
(a) The newspaper prints a report the next day.
(b) The butler addresses the crowd.
(c) A report is posted outside the entrance.
(d) A news crew records and replays the event.

5. Who is Malachi Constant?
(a) The father of Winston Rumfoord.
(b) The owner of the Newport estate.
(c) The man who materializes.
(d) The wealthiest man on Earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Beatrice only seen one materialization?

2. During what time period do the events in the story take place?

3. As Malachi is en route to the helicopter after the materialization, what does he realize?

4. What does the President of the United States announce as a way to curb unemployment?

5. Who is WInston Rumfoord?

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