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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Cheers in the Wirehouse.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Moncrief?
(a) The butler at the Rumfoord estate.
(b) The banker in charge of Malachi's accounts.
(c) The helicopter pilot.
(d) The president of Malachi's company.

2. Who is nicknamed Skip?
(a) Salo.
(b) Winston Rumfoord.
(c) Beatrice Rumfoord.
(d) Malachi Constant.

3. Where does Winston tell Malachi that he will live in the future?
(a) On Mercury, then Earth, then Mars, and then Titan.
(b) On Earth, then Mercury, then Titan, and then Mars.
(c) On Titan, then Mercury, then Mars, and then Earth.
(d) On Mars, then Mercury, then Earth, and then Titan.

4. Who are the models in the MoonMist cigarette ad?
(a) Rumfoord's house guests.
(b) Malachi's three favorite dates.
(c) The three models from Mars.
(d) The three sirens from Titan.

5. According to the man who claimed to be at the materialization (but was not actually present), what will happen in the year Ten Million A.D.?
(a) All records will no longer be necessary.
(b) All records will be destroyed.
(c) All the records between the year of Christ's birth and One Million A.D. will be burned.
(d) All the records between the year of Christ's birth and One Million A.D. will be digitized.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is chrono-synclasticinfundibulum?

2. What unique talent does Rumfoord display?

3. After returning from the materialization, Malachi throws a party. How long does the party last?

4. Where do the materializations take place?

5. What does Beatrice ask Winston to tell her when he materializes again?

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