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The Rumfoord Estate

This is the large house and grounds where one of the characters re-materializes every fifty-nine days.

Hollywood, California

This is where the wealthiest man on the planet lives.


This is the only city on the planet Mars.

Caves of Mercury

This is where Constant and Boaz are transported instead of to Earth to fight in a war.


This place is inhabitable by humans and is covered by forest, meadows, rivers, lakes, and seas.


This is where Salo comes from.


This is a small doll that is hung in effigy.

The Whale

This is a giant spacecraft designed for interplanetary travel.

Titanic Bluebirds

These inhabit the forests of one of Saturn's moons and take in Chrono.

Chrono's good luck piece

This is also a replacement part for Salo's space ship.

The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent

This faith is based on...

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