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Lesson 1 (from Between Timid and Timbuktu)


The main character in the story is a man named Malachi Constant. The author refers to the traditional meaning of the character's name as part of the discussion that takes place between Malachi Constant and Winston Rumfoord. Malachi means "faithful messenger" and Constant is self-explanatory.

The object of this Lesson Plan is examine the use of names in the story and determine what, if anything, the author intended to share through the use of the characters' names.


1. Task: Break into small groups and discuss the meaning of Malachi's first name. Why did the author choose this name for his main character? What insights into Malachi's character are ascertained from his name's meaning? Answer the same two questions regarding Malachi's last name.

2. Task: Identify the other names used in this beginning chapter of the novel. What insights can be gained, if any, from these other characters'...

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