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The Whale

Break into small groups and design a replica of "The Whale" space ship.

Life on Mars

Write a letter to your friends on Earth describing your life on Mars and your role in the Martian Infantry Assault Unit.

Life on Mercury

Draw a picture of what you envision Boaz's home in the cave on Mercury looks like.

It Has Happened!

Imagine you are Beatrice Rumfoord. Write a report to be read to the crowd below regarding the very first materialization that you witnessed.

The Way It Will Be!

Imagine you are Koradubian, the hoax writer who tried to have everyone believe that he was the person who witnessed Rumfoord's materialization. Your book shares some of the "predictions" Rumfoord shared with you for what takes place in the year Ten Million A.D. Write down five of those events. Share your "future" with the class.

Through a Child's Eyes

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