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Essay Topic 1

The materializations are Rumfoord's method of keeping tabs on the events taking place not only on Earth, but on Mars and Titan as well.

a. Compare and contrast the materializations on Mars and on Earth.

b. Do Rumfoord's roles on each planet affect his materializations?

c. Are his roles on the two planets affected by his materializations?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast Malachi's lifestyle and personality characteristics at the following points in the story:

a. At the beginning of the story when Malachi is first invited to meet Winston.

b. After Malachi learns he is broke.

c. When Malachi is known as Unk.

d. When Malachi is exiled to Titan.

Essay Topic 3

Winston makes many predictions regarding the life of Malachi and Beatrice, some of which come true, but all of which affect the lives of Malachi and Beatrice. How are Malachi and Beatrice's lives affected...

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