The Sirens of Titan Character Descriptions

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Malachi Constant

This character parties through life in the wake of seemingly incredible luck in making money. As this character's financial fortune crumbles, however, this character finds nowhere to turn to.

Winston Niles Rumfoord

After passing through a "chrono-synclastic infandibulum," this character materializes at different places in the solar system at different times at regular intervals. At the same time, this character is constantly materialized on Titan, a moon of Saturn.

Beatrice Rumfoord

Once on Mars, this character's memory is erased and the character takes on the identity of a meek and obedient teacher.


This character is an excellent ball player and is fiercely independent.

Ransom K. Fern

This character is the president of Magnum Opus.


This character is a messenger from the planet Tralfamadore, who is stranded on Titan.


This character is stranded on Mercury and comes to love the harmoniums.

Stony Stevenson


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