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Between Timid and Timbuktu

• This is the story of the wide-ranging, many planet-hopping journey of Malachi Constant, the wealthiest man on Earth.

• The narrator introduces the story by looking back at the events that he will describe. The time he is describing is called the "Nightmare Ages", which is between World War II and the Third Great Depression.

• A crowd has gathered outside the Rumfoord Estate in Newport, Rhode Island, to witness a "materialization" of Winston Rumfoord. He has been materializing on a precise schedule (along with his dog) for nine years. These materializations are witnessed only by Winston's wife, Beatrice, and her servants. However, after the materialization occurs, Beatrice posts a notice affirming the materialization. No one has even been allowed to enter the estate to witness materialization.

• The materializations first started occurring after Winston flew his personal spaceship into a chrono-synclasticinfundibulum, which is a warp region...

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