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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the relationship between Morwen and Hurin?
(a) Father and daughter.
(b) Husband and wife.
(c) Brother and sister.
(d) Aunt and nephew.

2. Who does Morgoth offer a Silmaril but instead hangs him by his wrist from a rock?
(a) Maedhros.
(b) Lutmen.
(c) Miriel.
(d) Uienen.

3. What is the name of Dior's daughter who escapes with the Silmaril after she is killed?
(a) Elwing.
(b) Yavanna.
(c) Indis.
(d) Haleth.

4. Who in Middle-earth recognizes the Silmaril when others believed it to be a star?
(a) Tulkas.
(b) Saeros.
(c) Maedhros.
(d) Lutmen.

5. What is the name of Turgon's daughter whom Maeglin loves?
(a) Indis.
(b) Miriel.
(c) Luthien.
(d) Idril.

6. Who attacks Feanor, causing him fatal injuries?
(a) The Balrogs.
(b) The Orcs.
(c) The Avari.
(d) The Dwarves.

7. Who kills Mim in the book?
(a) Turgon.
(b) Hurin.
(c) Saeros.
(d) Nienor.

8. Who guards Morgoth in the Timeless Void?
(a) Ulmo.
(b) Earendil.
(c) Sauron.
(d) Yavanna.

9. Where does Tuor find Turgon's arms and swords?
(a) Gondolin.
(b) Nevrast.
(c) Nauglamir.
(d) Numenor.

10. Who kills Maeglin in the book?
(a) Lutmen.
(b) Meilan.
(c) Elendil.
(d) Tuor.

11. Who kills Beleg after mistaking him for an Orc?
(a) Turin.
(b) Nienor.
(c) Haleth.
(d) Saeros.

12. What is the relationship between Inziladun and Gimilkhad in the book?
(a) Siblings.
(b) Mother and daughter.
(c) Father and son.
(d) Spouses.

13. Who tells Melian and King Thingol about the Silmarils and warns against trusting Feanor's sons?
(a) Denethor.
(b) Telperion.
(c) Ungoliant.
(d) Galsdriel.

14. Who accidentally encounters Men and abides with them, playing music and teaching them wisdom?
(a) Feanor.
(b) Turin.
(c) Maeglin.
(d) Felagund.

15. What are the Men who fight for the Valar in the Great Battle called?
(a) Bairogs.
(b) Dwarves.
(c) Dunedain.
(d) Almaren.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the twentieth king of Numenor and forbids elven tongues?

2. What is the name of Gorlim's wife who is lost?

3. What is the name of Hurin's daughter?

4. Who chooses to be a king of Men and is given an abnormally long life?

5. Who appears to Tuor and bids him to seek Gondolin?

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