The Silmarillion Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Elves - These characters are known as the First Children of Iluvatar.

Sons of Feanor - These characters join their father in swearing an oath that only they will possess a Silmaril.

Men - These characters are the Younger Children of Iluvatar or the Secondborn.

Feanor - This character is so powerful at birth that it causes his mother to die shortly after.

Morgoth - This character is a dark being that is imprisoned in the Timeless Void.

Maeglin - As a child, this character yearns to see Gondolin.

Thingol - This character is an enchanted king.

Turin - This character unwittingly marries his sister.

Earendil - This character is known as the Blessed, the Bright, or the Mariner.

Sauron - This character is the primary lieutenant of the first Dark Lord.

Dwarves - These characters are created by an elf, and some are evil.

Felagund -...

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