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Ainulindale: The Music of the Ainur and Valaquenta

• Iluvatar creates the Ainur, or the Holy Ones, to sing for him.

• Melkor is one of the Ainur, and he creates chaos.

• Iluvatar shows the Ainur the world he wishes to create where there will be two races of children called Elves and Men.

• Melkor has desires to rule, but he is not allowed.
• Iluvatar creates Ea, the World that Is, and some Ainur go there while others stay with him.

• The Ainur on Ea are called Valar, and they create a land for themselves called Arda.

• Melkor soon wages war against the Valar, but he is banished and no longer mentioned.

• Manwe is the king of the Valar, and he begins preparing for the coming of Elves and Men.

• The eight High Ones of Arda and the Maiar are spirits that rule Arda.

Quenta Silmarillion: The History of the Silmarils, Chapter 1: Of the Beginning of Days and Chapter 2: Of Aule and Yavanna

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