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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: Chapters VIII and IX.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who currently lived at the home Malcolm detoured past on her way to interview Clarissa Roche in Part Two: Chapter IX?
(a) Anne Stevenson.
(b) Ted Hughes.
(c) Olwyn Hughes.
(d) A. Alvarez.

2. Janet Malcolm wrote to Olwyn Hughes in an effort to get an interview with whom in Part One: Chapter IV?
(a) Anne Stevenson.
(b) A. Alvarez.
(c) Assia Wevill.
(d) Ted Hughes.

3. Linda Wagner-Martin wrote a biography of Sylvia Plath. Upon what did her relationship with the Hughes family deteriorate in Part One: Chapter IV?
(a) Choosing a cover for the book.
(b) Reviews of the book being published.
(c) Completion of the manuscript.
(d) The publishing of the book.

4. Janet Malcolm met with Olwyn Hughes in February of what year in Part One: Chapter VI?
(a) 1991.
(b) 1987.
(c) 1990.
(d) 1989.

5. In her biography of Sylvia Plath, Stevenson writes of Plath as a sober and confused perfectionist whose suicide as well as the inspiration for her art remain ___________.
(a) An abomination.
(b) An atrocity.
(c) An unjustified murder.
(d) A mystery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who edited The Journals of Sylvia Plath?

2. Who witnessed Sylvia weeping over Ted's infidelity, claiming that she had given her whole heart to Ted and couldn't get it back?

3. What was the title of Ted Hughes' last work?

4. When was Bitter Fame published?

5. Malcolm drew a parallel between Anne Stevenson's failed relationship and her guilt-ridden past to the subservient role she took on with whom?

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