The Silent Patient Short Essay - Answer Key

Alex Michaelides
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1. According to the Prologue, how does Alicia feel about her husband?

According to the Prologue, Alicia is devoted to her husband. She says she loves him so much it might overwhelm her. She seems to be afraid of upsetting him or making him worry about her.

2. How does the narrator describe Gabriel Berenson in Part One, Chapter One?

The narrator describes Gabriel Berenson in Part One, Chapter One as being a famous fashion photographer. It is clear the narrator does not admire Gabriel's work, because he describes it as being slick and shallow.

3. Describe Alcestis, both the myth and the painting, as described by the narrator in Part One, Chapter Two?

The narrator describes the myth of Alcestis as being about Alcestis sacrificing her life for her husband's life. The narrator describes the painting Alcestis as being Alicia's self-portrait, which depicts her in her studio at home. Alicia is naked and peers over her shoulder at the viewer, her mouth open.

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