The Silent Patient Fun Activities

Alex Michaelides
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Poetic License

Write a poem (with a minimum of ten lines) from the perspective of Alicia. The subject of the poem should be love and betrayal. What does Alicia think about love and betrayal?


Make a list of 8-10 songs you would use in a soundtrack for a movie adaptation of The Silent Patient. Explain what scene would accompany each song and why.

Book Review

Write a one-page book review for The Silent Patient. What were the book’s strong points? What were its weaknesses? Is the plot believable? Are the characters likable? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for a movie adaptation of The Silent Patient. Include a tagline that will make people want to see the movie.

Scene Portrait

Select a vivid scene from one of the events in the novel and paint a portrait...

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