The Silent Patient Character Descriptions

Alex Michaelides
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Theo Faber

The narrator of the novel, this character is a psychotherapist. He takes a job at the Grove in order to get close to a notorious patient.

Kathy Faber

The wife of the narrator, this character is an actress.

Alicia Berenson

This artist murdered her husband several years before the beginning of the novel; she has remained silent ever since.

Gabriel Berenson

This fashion photographer was brutally murdered by his wife.

Lazarus Diomedes

This character is a professor of forensic psychiatry and clinical director of the Grove.

Christian West

This character is a psychiatrist at the Grove and believes it is pointless to try and get the artist to speak.


This confrontational character is a patient at the Grove. She is stabbed in the eye after taunting the artist.

Jean-Felix Martin

This character is the manager of the gallery that exhibits the artist's work.

Paul Rose


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