The Silent Patient Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alex Michaelides
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Prologue - Part One, Chapter Three


• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Michaelides, Alex. The Silent Patient. Celadon Books, 2019.

• The prologue is taken from Alicia Berenson’s diary and is dated July 14.

• The prologue begins with Alicia’s admitting that she does not know why she has begun to keep a diary.

• She describes the diary as “[a]n unnamed something” (1) that she has begun to write in thanks to her husband, Gabriel.

• Alicia describes feeling depressed; Gabriel noticed despite her attempts to conceal her feelings.

• Gabriel suggested she write about what is bothering her, but Alicia ignored his suggestion until he gave her a small black leather notebook.

• Alicia describes “feel[ing] better already” after starting to write, feeling the diary has given her “a kind of release, an outlet” (2).

• At the end of the entry, Alicia expresses her...

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