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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Turi and Aspanu watch from a dark alley before returning to the cave where they live?

2. How long does it take an escape tunnel for Turi to be built?

3. When Turi is shot for refusing to give the name of the person who gives him cheese, what does he do in return?

4. Who controls the black market?

5. What type of group is Turi a member of?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where was Don Croce born and what did his life entail while growing up?

2. Describe the meeting between Don Croce and the Mafia chiefs at the Hotel Umberto.

3. What is Turi's job while staying at the monastery run by The Abbot?

4. After Turi is injured by the carabinieri, what news does Hector Adonis bring to Turi?

5. Discuss the tunnel and its purpose.

6. What do Turi and Aspanu spot in Montelepre that makes them angry?

7. When Michael meets Turi's parents, what does Turi's father discuss with him?

8. Who declared war on the Mafia and what was Don Croce's status when the war ended?

9. Why is Turi arrested before the Fiesta and how is he released?

10. Who is Michael Corleone and what orders does he receive from his father, Vito Corleone, which must be executed before he can go home to America?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contract the character of Turi with the character of Aspanu. Cite examples from the story in order to support your answer by describing at least three qualities that were similar and different between the two characters.

Essay Topic 2

The settings in The Sicilian play an important role in the book. This is due to the many locations that are discussed throughout the book. Discuss and describe how setting was used throughout the book and the impact it had on readers and the book as a whole. Cite examples from the story in order to justify your response.

Essay Topic 3

The Sicilian was written in third-person; this allowed readers an understanding of each character from a distance. Discuss the usage of third-person in the text. Explain how it was used as well as the effects it had on readers.

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