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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29-31.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If the Christian Democrats win the election, what does Don Croce say must be promised to him?
(a) For the government to allow him to execute Turi.
(b) To help Turi immigrate to America.
(c) For the government to give Turi a pardon.
(d) For the government to eliminate Turi.

2. What does Don Croce believe Turi is a danger to?
(a) The Mafia.
(b) Justina.
(c) His empire.
(d) All of Sicily.

3. Who is Silvestro selected to execute as a test to his devotion to Turi's band?
(a) Frodie.
(b) Frizza.
(c) Frita.
(d) Frisella.

4. Who does Michael learn had no intention of releasing Turi's Testament?
(a) Turi himself.
(b) Don Croce.
(c) His father, Vito Corleone.
(d) The government.

5. Who is shown documents involving plans for a war against Turi?
(a) Aspanu.
(b) Don Croce.
(c) Hector Adonis.
(d) Turi's father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do half of the goods that Turi and his band steal, go?

2. Who sends letters to the government that forbid the police to patrol at night in certain cities?

3. Who shoots Turi when he refuses to give the name of the person who has given him cheese?

4. When Turi's girlfriend is sent to America, what is she supposed to send back to Turi if the escape route is safe?

5. Who says they will try to have Turi eliminated with the Council's approval?

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