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This is the major city in Sicily.

Hotel Umberto

This location is where many Mafia meetings are held.


This is the town where Turi Guiliano grows up.


This is place that is located on the coast of Sicily.


This place is very small and is the birthplace of Don Croce.

Monte d'Ora

This is the name of the mountain where Turi and his band live.

Portella della Ginestra

This is the site of the May Day massacre.

Long Island

This is the location of the Corleone family estate.


This is the spot where Turi is to first meet Aspanu before he escapes to America unless danger occurs.

Acropolis of Selinus

This is the spot that Turi and Aspanu pick as a backup meeting place for them to meet before Turi escapes to America.

Mazaro del Vallo

This place is located on the coast...

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