The Sicilian Character Descriptions

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Michael Corleone

This character is sent to Sicily for two years of exile after murdering a high police official.

Salvatore Guiliano

This character is a bandit who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Don Croce Malo

This person is controller of the black market in Sicily.

Inspector Frederico Verlardi

This character is the head of security police in Sicily.

Gaspare Pisciotta

This person suffers from Tuberculosis throughout his life.

Professor Hector Adonis

This person is a history teacher at the University of Palermo.

Stefano Andolini

This person is killed by a guard and is a part of a band of bandits.

Father Benjamino Malo

This person meets a bandit who is hiding in a monastery after being wounded.

Canio Silvestro

This character uses a gun with a defective bullet which leads to their resignation from the National Police.

Maresciallo Roccafino

This person is the Head...

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