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Chapters 1-2

• Turi becomes a bandit by shooting a police officer.

• Turi follows certain rules while being a bandit in order to help the people of Sicily.

• Michael Corelone is told to help Turi escape Sicily; Turi is to return to America with him.

• Michael meets Don Croce Malo at the Hotel Umberto to discuss Turi's escape.

• Turi has a Testament that is said to be able to name enough corrupt officials that it could cause a collapse in the government.
• Michael goes to visit Turi's parents.

• Michael learns about the town of Montelepre and the many prisoners who are said to be in conspiracy of Turi.

• Michael learns Turi's girlfriend is pregnant and is to be sent to America ahead of Turi.

• Hector Adonis is introduced as a Professor of History and Turi's godfather.

• Adonis receives a call saying Turi has murdered a police officer.

Chapters 3-4

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