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Short Answer Questions

1. For what reason is Quoyle called to St John's?

2. What aspect of journalism did Nutbeem handle well?

3. How is Quoyle's routine described?

4. What was the vehicle used by the masked attacker?

5. What job change does Jack announce for Quoyle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What interesting plot lines are dealt with in this chapter?

2. What is the outcome of Bunny's attack on the teacher?

3. What good personal quality of Quoyle's almost costs him his life?

4. Contrast the growing relationship between Quoyle and Wavey with that each experienced with their previous partners.

5. To what extent is Quoyle drawn to the green house on the point?

6. In what way is Bunny's attention-seeking during the restaurant dinner important?

7. In what shape is the local Newfoundland economy?

8. In what ways are contrasts important in Chapter 36 of The Shipping News?

9. In what way is the short scene involving his bath important to our understanding of Quoyle's inner journey?

10. What convincing evidence is there in this chapter of Quoyle's aptness for the new life he is making at Killick-Claw?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In THE SHIPPING NEWS there is a range of events that can be classified as bizarre.

Discuss the use of the bizarre and unusual in THE SHIPPING NEWS. Is there any pattern in this? Is it linked to theme and/or character?

Focus on three bizarre incidents or characters and show how these are important for the novel as a whole. What is revealed or emphasized about choices, fortune and behavior?

Essay Topic 2

Is anyone happy in THE SHIPPING NEWS?

1) Identify characters who might be described as happy and those who are not. Can you account for those states of mind? What does the novel tell us about the characters' dilemmas, crises and uncertainties?

2) Discuss the importance of happiness and unhappiness in the main plot of THE SHIPPING NEWS.

Essay Topic 3

THE SHIPPING NEWS shows us a range of striking characters.

1) What are the usual ways in which writers represent important traits in the characters they create?

2) Choose two characters in THE SHIPPING NEWS and examine the way Annie Proulx reveals them to the reader/responder. What techniques does she employ to introduce and sustain characters? In what ways does she sustain the readers' interest in their lives?

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