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Short Answer Questions

1. What indirectly caused Jack's accident?

2. What dreadful family secret does Quoyle discover?

3. What is Quoyle very surprised to see?

4. What color is Mavis' hair?

5. Why do Argentina and Paraguay refuse to play soccer in Peru?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the outcome of Bunny's attack on the teacher?

2. From the description of it in this chapter, is it possible Quoyle would enjoy living in Nutbeem's trailer?

3. In what ways are descriptions of interior environment, specifically the Heavy weather bar and the Burke house, connected to the characters of Quoyle and Tert Card in Chapter 34?

4. What conclusions can be drawn about the origin of the money Agnis receives?

5. In what way is Bunny's attention-seeking during the restaurant dinner important?

6. In what way has Quoyle reached a turning point in his life?

7. What interesting plot lines are dealt with in this chapter?

8. Comment on the reception given Quoyle's piece about oil tankers.

9. What secret is exposed during the visit to St John's?

10. In what way does Quoyle fail Nutbeem?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

'One problem with THE SHIPPING NEWS is that we are given full insight into only one character: Quoyle.' Is this true and is it a problem? Do you consider the novel to have a full cast of three-dimensional characters whom we care about, or is it chiefly concerned with showing us the 'uncoiling' of Quoyle?

In your answer, refer to Quoyle and three other characters.

Essay Topic 2

'Someone breaking free of the past.'

1) What kind of past is Quoyle breaking fee of and how does he achieve this?

2) Consider Agnis' past and its association with Quoyle's Point. How is she able to surmount the hideous experiences of her childhood?

Discuss with close reference to the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Is anyone happy in THE SHIPPING NEWS?

1) Identify characters who might be described as happy and those who are not. Can you account for those states of mind? What does the novel tell us about the characters' dilemmas, crises and uncertainties?

2) Discuss the importance of happiness and unhappiness in the main plot of THE SHIPPING NEWS.

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