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Short Answer Questions

1. What are the men arguing about during breakfast?

2. What phenomenon heralds bad weather?

3. What is Dawn's attitude to Florida?

4. What is another word for the former sailor hairstyle called 'queues'?

5. Why is Quoyle called to the school?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way has Quoyle reached a turning point in his life?

2. Comment on the destruction of the green house on the point.

3. Comment on Jack Buggit's 'resurrection'.

4. To what extent is Quoyle drawn to the green house on the point?

5. What are the implied advantages of the green house?

6. What insight into Wavey and her friends, the Buggit family, is provided in this chapter?

7. What conclusions can be drawn about the origin of the money Agnis receives?

8. From the description of it in this chapter, is it possible Quoyle would enjoy living in Nutbeem's trailer?

9. In what way does Quoyle fail Nutbeem?

10. Why is Quoyle uncertain about marrying Wavey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

THE SHIPPING NEWS is characterized by a distinctive style.

1) What do you see as the major elements of Annie Proulx's style?

2) What is the impact of that style?

3) Focus on three salient examples and comment on their effectiveness as well as their relationship to the novel as a whole.

Make this a personal response.

Essay Topic 2

Identify two themes in THE SHIPPING NEWS. Discuss the ways in which the novelist uses character and circumstance to explore these themes. You should focus on Quoyle, Agnis and Jack Buggit.

Essay Topic 3

Reflect about the idea that we are shaped by our childhood.

1) In what ways have Quoyle's childhood experiences formed his character and shaped his adult life?

2) In what ways have his own experiences given him insight into the world of his children?

3) Have these experiences made him overly protective of his daughters?

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