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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Billy go to the clinic?

2. Why does Quoyle get to do the special column on The Shipping News?

3. Why is Dawn keen to use the electric typewriter?

4. Where had the Quoyles originally settled?

5. What group does Reverend Stain belong to?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is Bunny showing herself to be different from her father?

2. What are Quoyle's expectations of marriage and how is the reality different for him?

3. How important is the rhythm of their new lives for Quoyle and his family?

4. In what way is the appearance of the Botterjacht ironic?

5. Why do we feel at this point that there is cause to be optimistic about Quoyle's growing friendship with Wavey?

6. In what way is the aunt's reaction to the appearance of the distant Quoyle different from her nephew's?

7. What do we learn about the aunt in Chapter 6?

8. In what way are Billy and Quoyle connected?

9. What does the green house on the point mean to the aunt?

10. What does Chapter 10 show the reader about the relationship of people to the sea?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Reflect about the idea that we are shaped by our childhood.

1) In what ways have Quoyle's childhood experiences formed his character and shaped his adult life?

2) In what ways have his own experiences given him insight into the world of his children?

3) Have these experiences made him overly protective of his daughters?

Essay Topic 2

In THE SHIPPING NEWS there is a range of events that can be classified as bizarre.

Discuss the use of the bizarre and unusual in THE SHIPPING NEWS. Is there any pattern in this? Is it linked to theme and/or character?

Focus on three bizarre incidents or characters and show how these are important for the novel as a whole. What is revealed or emphasized about choices, fortune and behavior?

Essay Topic 3

THE SHIPPING NEWS is about physical and internal journeys.

Our lives can be described as journeys during which we encounter many experiences, some pleasant, others terrifying. Our journeys involve the physical, as we move from place to place, and the emotional/psychological, as we respond to what happens to us. Examine the way journeys shape the character and destiny of Quoyle, Agnis, Hamm and Jack Buggit.

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