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Short Answer Questions

1. What evidence confirms to Agnis that she had seen a man close by?

2. What has Bunny yet to learn?

3. How can the reader tell that Quoyle is self-conscious when he meets Mavis and Dawn?

4. Which character works in the school library twice a week?

5. How much money did Wavey's father make on berries in the previous year?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Quoyle's expectations of marriage and how is the reality different for him?

2. How does Quoyle feel about Bunny's problems at school?

3. In what way is the aunt's reaction to the appearance of the distant Quoyle different from her nephew's?

4. Why do we feel at this point that there is cause to be optimistic about Quoyle's growing friendship with Wavey?

5. What is significant about the different ways in which Quoyle and his aunt respond to the finding of Bayonet Melville's head?

6. Account for Quoyle's cherished hope that he was, in fact, a changeling.

7. What is important, symbolically, about Quoyle's reluctance to move into the house on the point?

8. In what way is Bunny showing herself to be different from her father?

9. What does the green house on the point mean to the aunt?

10. How important is the rhythm of their new lives for Quoyle and his family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Conflict is at the heart of THE SHIPPING NEWS. To what extent do you believe this to be true?

How important is internal conflict?

Consider the sort of conflict that occurs within a personality as they struggle to come to terms with life.

Is there a balance between this and external conflict?

Discuss one major area of conflict that is significant in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the important contrasts that are represented in THE SHIPPING NEWS.

1) Focus on contrasting values and attitudes. In what ways are those in Newfoundland different from what Quoyle has left behind? Illustrate by focusing on three characters and make frequent reference to the text.

2) Consider the contrast between life in Killick-Claw and that which Partridge describes in his phone call from Los Angeles.

3) Discuss the ways in which these contrasts support the themes of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

'One problem with THE SHIPPING NEWS is that we are given full insight into only one character: Quoyle.' Is this true and is it a problem? Do you consider the novel to have a full cast of three-dimensional characters whom we care about, or is it chiefly concerned with showing us the 'uncoiling' of Quoyle?

In your answer, refer to Quoyle and three other characters.

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