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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What problem did the newsprint carrier have?
(a) A fire in the galley.
(b) A fire in the engine room.
(c) A leaky throstle.
(d) A drunken captain.

2. How can the reader tell that Quoyle is self-conscious when he meets Mavis and Dawn?
(a) He can't look at them straight.
(b) He coughs nervously.
(c) He covers his chin.
(d) He thinks of Emily Dickinson.

3. What other strange occurrence is mentioned?
(a) The return of the Flying Dutchman.
(b) A fall of frozen ducks.
(c) Frogs raining down in Misky Bay.
(d) A ghost ship in the bay.

4. Identify the type of figurative language used in: 'sunset like a flock of birds on fire'.
(a) This is metonymy.
(b) This is a simile.
(c) This is personification.
(d) This is a metaphor.

5. What is Quoyle doing when Mr Shovel calls him?
(a) Rewriting a story Nutbeem had heard on the radio.
(b) Daydreaming about his love for Petal.
(c) Leaving to pick up Bunny.
(d) Writing a ackground story on a car wreck near Killick-Claw.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old is Jack Buggit?

2. In what city did Quoyle and Partridge meet?

3. According to stories, how was the Quoyle house brought to its present location?

4. Which character 'sleeps as quiet as an eggbeater'?

5. In what way is a nip important to a knot?

Short Essay Questions

1. What change in Quoyle occurs following the incident of his article on the 'Hitler yacht'?

2. What is interesting about the idea of the aunt and Quoyle digging a garden patch?

3. Account for Quoyle's cherished hope that he was, in fact, a changeling.

4. In what way is the aunt's reaction to the appearance of the distant Quoyle different from her nephew's?

5. How important is the rhythm of their new lives for Quoyle and his family?

6. What major fear does Quoyle face up to in Chapter 12?

7. How did the Quoyle house come to be moved to the point where it now stands?

8. What is indicated by the image of Quoyle looking at the horizon?

9. What insight into Jack Buggit does the harbormaster convey to Quoyle?

10. What is important, symbolically, about Quoyle's reluctance to move into the house on the point?

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