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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What visual effect does fog have, according to Billy?
(a) It makes everything look yellow.
(b) It makes evrything look florid.
(c) It makes things look smaller.
(d) It makes things look larger.

2. Who is responsible for the Home News Page?
(a) Tom Pretty.
(b) Cyrus Nutbeam.
(c) Billy Pretty.
(d) Partridge.

3. What bizarre tale does Nutbeem tell?
(a) Of a fish being sent to a party.
(b) Of a bouncer being assaulted with a fish.
(c) Of a woman being made to eat rotten fish.
(d) Of a ghostly sealer feasting on whale blubber.

4. What has Bunny yet to learn?
(a) To disguise the ways in which she is different.
(b) To show how talented she is.
(c) To show respect for older people.
(d) To tie her shoelaces.

5. What is the alternative name for Gaze Island?
(a) The Isle of Pines.
(b) Whale Island.
(c) Christmas Island.
(d) Moose Island.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the distinctive feature of the Quoyle house?

2. How can the reader tell that Quoyle is self-conscious when he meets Mavis and Dawn?

3. What gives Quoyle a headache?

4. What maritime connections does Quoyle have?

5. Whose ancestor resorted to cannibalism?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way are Billy and Quoyle connected?

2. How does Annie Proulx utilize symbolism in the account of Billy's and Quoyle's journey back from Gaze Island?

3. What is indicated by the image of Quoyle looking at the horizon?

4. How does the aunt account for her wish to return to Newfoundland?

5. What change in Quoyle occurs following the incident of his article on the 'Hitler yacht'?

6. What does the green house on the point mean to the aunt?

7. In what way is the aunt's reaction to the appearance of the distant Quoyle different from her nephew's?

8. What is the significance of Agnis' relationship with Irene Warren?

9. What are Quoyle's expectations of marriage and how is the reality different for him?

10. What is Quoyle's attitude to Petal and her death?

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