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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy like about Desperate Cove?
(a) Real estate is good value there.
(b) It has picturesque houses.
(c) His girlfriend runs a hotel there.
(d) It has a good restaurant.

2. When is the library open?
(a) Friday and Saturday afternoons.
(b) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
(c) Saturdays.
(d) Friday and Tuesday afternoons.

3. Who is responsible for the Home News Page?
(a) Billy Pretty.
(b) Partridge.
(c) Cyrus Nutbeam.
(d) Tom Pretty.

4. Why did Carl's hair turn white?
(a) All his family went white in their thirties.
(b) He was terrified by the ghosts of nineteenth century sealers.
(c) He was frightened by a moose.
(d) He had a close encounter with a giant squid or octopus.

5. Why does Bunny need to bring a box of tissues to school?
(a) She's been told that the school cannot afford to supply tissues.
(b) For stuffling pincushions.
(c) For making papier-mache.
(d) She's been told these are needed for Art classes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose ancestor resorted to cannibalism?

2. Why does Quoyle get to do the special column on The Shipping News?

3. Why is it claimed that biologists have visited the Tough Baby?

4. Identify the type of figurative language used in: 'sunset like a flock of birds on fire'.

5. About what does Quoyle not believe a word?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of Agnis' relationship with Irene Warren?

2. What does the green house on the point mean to the aunt?

3. What does Chapter 10 show the reader about the relationship of people to the sea?

4. What is revealed to Quoyle during the trip to Gaze Island with Billy Pretty?

5. What change in Quoyle occurs following the incident of his article on the 'Hitler yacht'?

6. In what way is the appearance of the Botterjacht ironic?

7. How does Annie Proulx utilize symbolism in the account of Billy's and Quoyle's journey back from Gaze Island?

8. What do we learn about the aunt in Chapter 6?

9. How does the aunt account for her wish to return to Newfoundland?

10. How does the aunt respond to Quoyle's doubt over his ability to do the job?

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