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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Petal tells Mrs Moosup she will leave the little girls in . . .
(a) Connecticut
(b) Florida
(c) Killick-Claw
(d) Moose Lake

2. Which character works in the school library twice a week?
(a) Dawn.
(b) Wavey.
(c) Mavis.
(d) Dennis.

3. When is the library open?
(a) Friday and Saturday afternoons.
(b) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
(c) Saturdays.
(d) Friday and Tuesday afternoons.

4. From what does Dawn want to escape?
(a) Agnis Hamm's bossiness.
(b) Killick-Claw in the winter.
(c) Mavis Bangs' constant chatter.
(d) Her poverty.

5. How does Quoyle get the list of ships?
(a) He asks people at the seafront.
(b) He phones the harbormaster.
(c) He phones the shipping companies.
(d) He visits the harbormaster's office.

6. Why does Bunny need to bring a box of tissues to school?
(a) She's been told that the school cannot afford to supply tissues.
(b) For stuffling pincushions.
(c) She's been told these are needed for Art classes.
(d) For making papier-mache.

7. At the motel, what does Quoyle buy for his daughters?
(a) Cuddly bears.
(b) Yo-yos.
(c) Stuffed penguins.
(d) Wind-up penguins.

8. What is the alternative name for Gaze Island?
(a) Christmas Island.
(b) Whale Island.
(c) Moose Island.
(d) The Isle of Pines.

9. Why does Quoyle get to do the special column on The Shipping News?
(a) He is at last able to write good copy.
(b) No-one else is willing to do it.
(c) People loved his story on the Tough Baby.
(d) He does it for a dare.

10. What novel provides the inspiration for Borogrove, Nutbeem's boat?
(a) The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
(b) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
(c) The Daughter of Time.
(d) Alice in Wonderland.

11. How much money did Wavey's father make on berries in the previous year?
(a) Twelve hundred dollars.
(b) Five hundred dollars.
(c) A thousand dollars.
(d) Two thousand dollars.

12. What does Wavey notice in Archie Sparks' yard?
(a) A fishing net hung to dry.
(b) A wooden poodle, painted blue.
(c) A new clothesline.
(d) A wooden paddle set against the fence.

13. What bizarre tale does Nutbeem tell?
(a) Of a bouncer being assaulted with a fish.
(b) Of a fish being sent to a party.
(c) Of a woman being made to eat rotten fish.
(d) Of a ghostly sealer feasting on whale blubber.

14. What are the Tea Buns?
(a) Aunt Agnis's rock cakes.
(b) Submerged rocks.
(c) A special cake served in England.
(d) A local word for migrating gannets.

15. In what way is a nip important to a knot?
(a) The finished look of the knot depends on it.
(b) The security of the knot depends upon it.
(c) It must be in strict ratio to the tuck.
(d) It must not be undone first.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character 'sleeps as quiet as an eggbeater'?

2. Where had the Quoyles originally settled?

3. What function did Misky Bay fulfill during the war?

4. What is a synonym for 'mortification'?

5. Who buys sea urchin roe?

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