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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the aunt do with her brother's ashes?
(a) Scatters them in the woods.
(b) Puts them in a special urn and places this on the mantelpiece.
(c) Scatters them from the wharf.
(d) Disposes them down the lavatory bowl.

2. When is the library open?
(a) Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
(b) Friday and Tuesday afternoons.
(c) Friday and Saturday afternoons.
(d) Saturdays.

3. Identify the type of figurative language used in: 'sunset like a flock of birds on fire'.
(a) This is a metaphor.
(b) This is personification.
(c) This is metonymy.
(d) This is a simile.

4. What is a synonym for 'mortification'?
(a) Embarrassment.
(b) Transfiguration.
(c) Death.
(d) Locking in with a mortice.

5. Why did Carl's hair turn white?
(a) He was terrified by the ghosts of nineteenth century sealers.
(b) He was frightened by a moose.
(c) He had a close encounter with a giant squid or octopus.
(d) All his family went white in their thirties.

6. What condition does Wavey's son suffer from?
(a) Down's Syndrome.
(b) Lupus.
(c) Huntington's chorea.
(d) Autism.

7. When was Mavis Bangs first married?
(a) At twenty-two.
(b) At fifteen.
(c) At forty.
(d) At eighteen.

8. What is The Gammy Bird?
(a) The name of a boat.
(b) The name of a newspaper.
(c) The name of a motel.
(d) A species of gannet.

9. What is described as a 'gelatinous horror'?
(a) Bayonet Melville's head.
(b) A mess of decomposing cod.
(c) A squidburger.
(d) The dessert at the restaurant at Desperate Cove.

10. Which of Quoyle's jobs are listed on the first page of the novel?
(a) Distributer of vending machine candy, all-night clerk in a convenience store, third-rate journalist.
(b) Rope-maker and knot-tester, cab driver, third-rate journalist.
(c) Greeting card writer, bell-hop at a hotel, all-night clerk at a convenience store.
(d) Bell-hop at a hotel, third-rate journalist, traveling salesman.

11. What bizarre tale does Nutbeem tell?
(a) Of a woman being made to eat rotten fish.
(b) Of a bouncer being assaulted with a fish.
(c) Of a fish being sent to a party.
(d) Of a ghostly sealer feasting on whale blubber.

12. What happens when Quoyle slows his boat down quickly?
(a) It rolls alarmingly.
(b) The engine stalls.
(c) Water comes in over the transom at the stern.
(d) It capsizes.

13. What is the alternative name for Gaze Island?
(a) Christmas Island.
(b) The Isle of Pines.
(c) Moose Island.
(d) Whale Island.

14. How big is the iceberg Quoyle sees?
(a) As big as a bingo hall.
(b) As big as a ship.
(c) As big as a house.
(d) As big as a bowling alley.

15. About what does Quoyle not believe a word?
(a) The gossip concening Wavey.
(b) Bunny's reported prowess as a sailor.
(c) His aunt's stories about the green house.
(d) The gossip concening the interesting boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was Quoyle's favorite child?

2. Which animal are Newfoundlanders fond of?

3. What function did Misky Bay fulfill during the war?

4. After whom did the aunt name her dog?

5. Why does Quoyle remove the pens from his shirt?

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