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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Billy and Quoyle find?
(a) A flotation device.
(b) A suitcase.
(c) A dying orca.
(d) A smashed dory.

2. In what city did Quoyle and Partridge meet?
(a) New York.
(b) Boston.
(c) Toronto.
(d) Philadelphia.

3. How much did the Melvilles pay Agnis for the boat upholstery?
(a) Half of what was owing, then left during the night.
(b) One thousand dollars.
(c) Nothing. They left during the night without settling their account.
(d) Two thousand dollars and twenty-nine cents.

4. What is the Back Buddy for?
(a) To supply drinks on long boat trips.
(b) To self-massage an aching back.
(c) To give comfort and support to the spinal column.
(d) To keep a lookout at the back door.

5. From what does Dawn want to escape?
(a) Killick-Claw in the winter.
(b) Mavis Bangs' constant chatter.
(c) Agnis Hamm's bossiness.
(d) Her poverty.

6. What happens when Quoyle slows his boat down quickly?
(a) The engine stalls.
(b) Water comes in over the transom at the stern.
(c) It capsizes.
(d) It rolls alarmingly.

7. What creature does Quoyle see when he is clearing trash?
(a) A moose.
(b) An albatross.
(c) A Minke whale.
(d) A Southern Right whale.

8. How is Agnis Hamm related to Quoyle's father?
(a) She is his brother's wife.
(b) She is his ex-wife.
(c) She is his second cousin.
(d) She is his sister.

9. Why does Billy go to the clinic?
(a) To have his prostate checked.
(b) To do a course in first aid.
(c) To visit Carl.
(d) To flirt with the nurses.

10. Who is responsible for the Home News Page?
(a) Cyrus Nutbeam.
(b) Partridge.
(c) Billy Pretty.
(d) Tom Pretty.

11. Where is the Melvilles' home?
(a) Long Island.
(b) Killick-Claw.
(c) Toronto.
(d) London.

12. When was Mavis Bangs first married?
(a) At fifteen.
(b) At forty.
(c) At twenty-two.
(d) At eighteen.

13. What is the meaning of the word 'atavistic'?
(a) Musical.
(b) Primitive and ignorant.
(c) Reversion to an earlier type.
(d) Being unable to speak.

14. What happened at Perdition Cove?
(a) A boat blew up.
(b) There was a specacular car wreck.
(c) A boat sank.
(d) A shop caught fire.

15. What function did Misky Bay fulfill during the war?
(a) A port for loading ammunition.
(b) A refuelling port.
(c) A commando training base.
(d) A base for submarines.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what way does Quoyle benefit from Petal's death?

2. What is a synonym for 'mortification'?

3. Who introduces Quoyle and Wavey?

4. Why does Quoyle think he might have to take Wavey to the prairies?

5. About what does Quoyle not believe a word?

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