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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the Tea Buns?
(a) Submerged rocks.
(b) A special cake served in England.
(c) Aunt Agnis's rock cakes.
(d) A local word for migrating gannets.

2. What has Bunny yet to learn?
(a) To disguise the ways in which she is different.
(b) To show how talented she is.
(c) To tie her shoelaces.
(d) To show respect for older people.

3. Why does Bunny need to bring a box of tissues to school?
(a) She's been told these are needed for Art classes.
(b) For stuffling pincushions.
(c) For making papier-mache.
(d) She's been told that the school cannot afford to supply tissues.

4. Which animal are Newfoundlanders fond of?
(a) The wolf.
(b) The cat.
(c) The dog.
(d) The moose.

5. What damage did The Polar Grinder sustain in the terrible storm?
(a) It broke in half.
(b) A crack in the steel hull from starboard to port.
(c) The bridge was swept away, the captain with it.
(d) It was dismasted.

6. What is the subject of the story Quoyle tells his daughters?
(a) Baby penguins.
(b) Seals.
(c) A sad dog.
(d) A moose.

7. When was Mavis Bangs first married?
(a) At fifteen.
(b) At twenty-two.
(c) At eighteen.
(d) At forty.

8. Petal tells Mrs Moosup she will leave the little girls in . . .
(a) Connecticut
(b) Florida
(c) Moose Lake
(d) Killick-Claw

9. Which people are described as wild, inbred half-wits and murderers?
(a) The Cards.
(b) The Quoyles.
(c) The Hamms.
(d) The Buggits.

10. Why does Billy go to the clinic?
(a) To do a course in first aid.
(b) To flirt with the nurses.
(c) To visit Carl.
(d) To have his prostate checked.

11. From what does Dawn want to escape?
(a) Her poverty.
(b) Killick-Claw in the winter.
(c) Agnis Hamm's bossiness.
(d) Mavis Bangs' constant chatter.

12. What unusual sight do Quoyle and Wavey see as they return with the lunch basket?
(a) A pod of whales.
(b) A collapsing iceberg.
(c) Green sausageweed and coralweed.
(d) A strange ship.

13. Why is Dawn keen to use the electric typewriter?
(a) She is keen to practice in order to get a better job.
(b) She is secretly writing a novel.
(c) She secretly types job applications.
(d) She secretly types love letters.

14. Who buys sea urchin roe?
(a) The Japanese.
(b) The Pacific Islands.
(c) The Indonesians.
(d) The French.

15. What does Wavey notice in Archie Sparks' yard?
(a) A wooden paddle set against the fence.
(b) A new clothesline.
(c) A wooden poodle, painted blue.
(d) A fishing net hung to dry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What job did Quoyle's father have?

2. Identify the type of figurative language used in: 'sunset like a flock of birds on fire'.

3. What happened at Perdition Cove?

4. What is the meaning of the word 'atavistic'?

5. Whose ancestor resorted to cannibalism?

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