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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Home Rock important?
(a) It is home to a protected seal colony.
(b) It is a navigation point for Killick-Claw.
(c) It is the site of a shipwreck.
(d) It marks the landfall of Viking explorers.

2. Whose ancestor resorted to cannibalism?
(a) Warren's.
(b) Jack Buggit's.
(c) Billy Pretty's.
(d) Nutbeam's.

3. What damage did The Polar Grinder sustain in the terrible storm?
(a) A crack in the steel hull from starboard to port.
(b) It was dismasted.
(c) It broke in half.
(d) The bridge was swept away, the captain with it.

4. At the motel, what does Quoyle buy for his daughters?
(a) Stuffed penguins.
(b) Wind-up penguins.
(c) Cuddly bears.
(d) Yo-yos.

5. What evidence confirms to Agnis that she had seen a man close by?
(a) The smell of pomade and pipe tobacco.
(b) A dropped cigarette pack.
(c) Footprints of fishing boots.
(d) A smoldering cigarette butt.

6. From what does Dawn want to escape?
(a) Agnis Hamm's bossiness.
(b) Mavis Bangs' constant chatter.
(c) Her poverty.
(d) Killick-Claw in the winter.

7. How old was the harbor-master when he first went to sea?
(a) Fourteen.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Thirteen.
(d) Sixteen.

8. Where had the Quoyles originally settled?
(a) Killick-Claw.
(b) Gaze Island.
(c) St John's.
(d) Montreal.

9. How does the reader know Aunt Agnis doesn't like vinyl cladding?
(a) She says she wouldn't have it on her coffin.
(b) She makes a Bronx cheer when it is mentioned.
(c) She says she wouldn't cross the road to buy it.
(d) She abuses the salesman.

10. What other strange occurrence is mentioned?
(a) A fall of frozen ducks.
(b) A ghost ship in the bay.
(c) Frogs raining down in Misky Bay.
(d) The return of the Flying Dutchman.

11. Who introduces Quoyle and Wavey?
(a) Bunny.
(b) Billy Pretty.
(c) Agnis Hamm.
(d) Partridge.

12. What is the man in the dory doing?
(a) Diving for abolone.
(b) Fishing.
(c) Inspecting lobster pots.
(d) Inspecting whelk pots.

13. What novel provides the inspiration for Borogrove, Nutbeem's boat?
(a) Alice in Wonderland.
(b) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
(c) The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
(d) The Daughter of Time.

14. What is the subject of the story Quoyle tells his daughters?
(a) A moose.
(b) Seals.
(c) A sad dog.
(d) Baby penguins.

15. The shag is an alternative word for which bird?
(a) The albatross.
(b) The puffin.
(c) The Mother Carey's chicken.
(d) The cormorant.

Short Answer Questions

1. The bay's appearance on the map is shown as . . .

2. What does Billy like about Desperate Cove?

3. What gives Quoyle a headache?

4. Which people are described as wild, inbred half-wits and murderers?

5. What is the alternative name for Gaze Island?

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