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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what does Quoyle not believe a word?
(a) The gossip concening Wavey.
(b) Bunny's reported prowess as a sailor.
(c) His aunt's stories about the green house.
(d) The gossip concening the interesting boat.

2. For how many years was Quoyle married to Petal?
(a) Sixteen.
(b) Seven and a half.
(c) Three.
(d) Six.

3. What is the alternative name for Gaze Island?
(a) Moose Island.
(b) Whale Island.
(c) Christmas Island.
(d) The Isle of Pines.

4. What damage did The Polar Grinder sustain in the terrible storm?
(a) It broke in half.
(b) The bridge was swept away, the captain with it.
(c) A crack in the steel hull from starboard to port.
(d) It was dismasted.

5. What maritime connections does Quoyle have?
(a) His father was a sealer.
(b) His grandfather was a sea-captain.
(c) He was born at sea.
(d) His grandfather was a sealer.

6. Whose ancestor resorted to cannibalism?
(a) Jack Buggit's.
(b) Billy Pretty's.
(c) Warren's.
(d) Nutbeam's.

7. What function did Misky Bay fulfill during the war?
(a) A base for submarines.
(b) A port for loading ammunition.
(c) A refuelling port.
(d) A commando training base.

8. Why is Gaze Island important to Billy?
(a) He owns land there.
(b) His father is buried there.
(c) His wife and child are buried there.
(d) He spent his honeymoon there.

9. What are the Tea Buns?
(a) A special cake served in England.
(b) A local word for migrating gannets.
(c) Aunt Agnis's rock cakes.
(d) Submerged rocks.

10. Why does Quoyle think he might have to take Wavey to the prairies?
(a) So that Herry can go to a special school.
(b) So she will be far from memories of her husband's death.
(c) The climate might be better for her.
(d) He'd like to try farming.

11. Why is Home Rock important?
(a) It is a navigation point for Killick-Claw.
(b) It is the site of a shipwreck.
(c) It is home to a protected seal colony.
(d) It marks the landfall of Viking explorers.

12. Why is Dawn keen to use the electric typewriter?
(a) She secretly types job applications.
(b) She secretly types love letters.
(c) She is secretly writing a novel.
(d) She is keen to practice in order to get a better job.

13. Who buys sea urchin roe?
(a) The Japanese.
(b) The French.
(c) The Pacific Islands.
(d) The Indonesians.

14. What is the subject of the story Quoyle tells his daughters?
(a) A sad dog.
(b) A moose.
(c) Baby penguins.
(d) Seals.

15. How old is Jack Buggit?
(a) Sixty-nine.
(b) Fifty-seven.
(c) Seventy-three.
(d) Seventy-seven.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Quoyle doing when Mr Shovel calls him?

2. What inspires Quoyle to cook interesting food?

3. What is part of the managing editor's job?

4. Which of Quoyle's jobs are listed on the first page of the novel?

5. What is the distinctive feature of the Quoyle house?

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