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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


1) Students will receive contextual information that will deepen their appreciation of THE SHIPPING NEWS.

2) Students will respond to the characters of Quoyle and Petal. They will participate in discussion and compose a piece of writing.


1) Teacher mini-lecture.

Using maps, pictures and perhaps a PowerPoint presentation, introduce students to the Island of Newfoundland in Canada. Provide some history. Try to make the place really come alive for students. Explain Newfoundland's industrial history, its highs and lows. Provide pictures that illustrate the terrain and the weather conditions Newfoundlanders experience. Provide a map and at least one striking picture that can remain on the classroom wall for the duration of this unit of work. If you can, add a video of an extreme storm (from a film of your choice, perhaps) and/or audio of extreme weather.


-- Students should write about 250 words in which they reflect...

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