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Map of Origins

For US and Australian students:

Unless you are an indigenous person, your ancestors will have traveled to the country from somewhere else.

On a map of the world affix colored pins to the countries from which class members' families originated. If you know the actual city of origin, put the pin there.

Display the map in the classroom.


From information in the novel, draw the Quoyle house.


Choose five of the knots that feature as chapter headings.

Get some rope or thick twine and make these five knots.

Affix the knots to a sheet of cardboard for display in the classroom.

Dawn's Employment Application

Choose one of the letters Dawn writes (Chapter 22). Imagine you are Dawn. Finish the letter.

Imagine you are the person who advertised the job. Write your reply.

Boats (1)

From descriptions in the novel, draw Quoyle's two boats--fort the speedboat...

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