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Essay Topic 1

Every character in THE SHIPPING NEWS deals with some kind of adversity. Choose TWO characters.

1) Explain the adversity the characters experience and describe the way in which they deal with it.

2) Discuss differences in the characters' approach and comment on the outcomes of their adversity.

3) What do we learn about the effect of adversity on human lives?

Essay Topic 2

Reflect about the idea that we are shaped by our childhood.

1) In what ways have Quoyle's childhood experiences formed his character and shaped his adult life?

2) In what ways have his own experiences given him insight into the world of his children?

3) Have these experiences made him overly protective of his daughters?

Essay Topic 3

THE SHIPPING NEWS is a novel that is dominated by landscape and weather.

1)Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement.

2)To what extent is there correlation between the external world...

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