The Shipping News Character Descriptions

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Self-conscious, clumsy and poorly motivated, this character finds success and connection in an idiosyncratic community.

Aunt Agnis

This character has survived a shocking childhood to become strong, resourceful and respected.


This wild and immoral character comes to a tragic, though perhaps inevitable, end.


This character has many dreams and nightmares used by the author as foreshadowing.


A child character who plays a minor role in the novel.

Wavey Prowse

This character is able to overcome the demons left behind from a bad first marriage and goes on to happiness.

Billy Pretty

This character is a steadfast elder of the Killick-Claw community who is stable and supportive of friends and colleagues.


This attractive character would like to drift around the world, though friends and colleagues would prefer him to stay in Killick-Claw.

Tert Card

This eccentric character is confronting and unsupportive, but paves the...

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