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Short Answer Questions

1. How many passengers are bumped from the evening bus when Port lies and says his wife is very sick?

2. What does Kit attempt to serve Port on the bumpy bus ride, hoping it will help cure his cramps?

3. How does Kit react to the news that Port is dead?

4. What is the only object in the tiny room where Belqassim locks Kit?

5. What is the last sound Kit hears before falling to sleep on her first night in captivity?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Port is in Bou Noura, his passport is stolen. First, create a list of characters Port accuses of this theft. Then, describe how at least two of these suspects are cleared of their charges. Finally, state who truly stole Port's passport and describe how this information came to light. How does this realization affect Port's relationship with the rest of the travelers?

Essay Topic 2

At the opening of the novel, Port meets a young prostitute named Marhnia who tells him a story about three women in the Sahara. First, describe the fable Marhnia tells Port in her tent. Then, explain which character you think the story of the prostitute most closely ties to, and why. What symbolism can be found in Marhnia's story that is also reflected in the stories of one of the characters in the novel, The Sheltering Sky?

Essay Topic 3

While Kit and Port are struggling through their travels in Africa, they meet many locals who are willing to help them find their way. Choose one of these helpful locals and describe how they risked their lives to help the foreign travelers. Why was this type of aid unusual given the political energy in the air during the war?

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