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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kit spend the entire morning doing the night after Port dies?

2. In his hallucination dreams, where does Port dream he is when he dies?

3. Which of the following bizarre activities does Kit engage in the middle of the night, alone?

4. How many wives does Belqassim have?

5. How does Kit dream of killing herself?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Although Port claims to want to repair his relationship with Kit, he continually acts otherwise. Describe one scene in which Port acts unfaithfully to his wife, Kit. Then, compare/contrast that to another scene of Port's infidelity. What is the same about these acts of unfaithfulness? What is different? Do you believe Port was every truly committed to his relationship with Kit? Explain why or why not citing examples from the text to strengthen your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Once Port reaches Bou Noura he falls terribly ill. First, describe Port's descent into madness. What does Port see when he looks around the room on his deathbed? How does Port's marriage to Kit change while he is sick and dying? What realizations about love does Port make through his madness?

Essay Topic 3

Both Kit and Tunner have very personal, romantic relationships with the sky. First, describe Tunner's relationship with the sky and what he feels the sky symbolizes. Then, compare/contrast his views with Kit's views and what Kit feels the sky symbolizes. Finally, explain the title of the novel. Which character's view of the sky do you think is represented in the title? How can you tell?

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