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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Kit wish she and Port were traveling to instead of El Ga'a?

2. Where does Kit wake after escaping from Zozeph's the night before?

3. What African country does Kit find herself in after escaping from Belqassim's house?

4. Which of the following adjectives does shopkeeper Daoud Zozeph use to describe the world?

5. What is the only object in the tiny room where Belqassim locks Kit?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kit escape Belqassim's clutches?

2. What does Kit attempt to buy on her first day out of Belqassim's house?

3. How is Kit cared for while she is staying under Belqassim's roof?

4. Why does Belqassim decide to marry Kit?

5. How does Kit respond to the news that Port is dead?

6. How does Kit know that Port's heath is deteriorating during the train ride to El Ga'a?

7. Who is Miss Ferry?

8. How do the merchants treat Kit when she is sleeping on the rug next to them?

9. How does Zozeph react to the uninvited visit from Kit?

10. How does Port treat Kit when she returns home after visiting with Daoud Zozeph?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Port is at a brothel with Muhammad, he sees a dancer that he feels instantly connected to. First, describe the dancer that Port is infatuation with and explain what Port finds so alluring about the woman. Then, describe the woman's handicap. What do you think this handicap symbolizes in Port's lust? Finally, explain why Port never consummated his relationship with the woman. How did this fact affect Port's psychology?

Essay Topic 2

Once Port reaches Bou Noura he falls terribly ill. First, describe Port's descent into madness. What does Port see when he looks around the room on his deathbed? How does Port's marriage to Kit change while he is sick and dying? What realizations about love does Port make through his madness?

Essay Topic 3

At the opening of the novel, Kit is practically housebound, refusing to leave the hotel in Africa. First, describe what led Kit to live a life consumed with such fear. Then, explain how over the course of the novel, Kit began to own her life again. Choose at least two scenes in the novel that you think demonstrate Kit's character growth and explain how these scenes let to her ultimate transformation at the end of the novel.

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