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Short Answer Questions

1. What gift does Daoud Zozeph give to Kit with the hopes it will help cure Port?

2. Where does Port sleep while Kit and the tall Arab man search for a hotel?

3. How does Kit dream of killing herself?

4. How many men are part of the caravan Kit witnessed?

5. What language does Amar speak?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Port treat Kit when she returns home after visiting with Daoud Zozeph?

2. Who is Othman?

3. What does Kit attempt to buy on her first day out of Belqassim's house?

4. How does Kit know that Port's heath is deteriorating during the train ride to El Ga'a?

5. How is Kit cared for while she is staying under Belqassim's roof?

6. How does Captain Broussard react when he sees Port's poor medical condition?

7. How does Kit escape Belqassim's clutches?

8. Why are Kit and Port turned away from their hotel in El Ga'a?

9. What accusations does Captain Broussard make regarding Kit's relationship with Port?

10. How does Zozeph react to the uninvited visit from Kit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The trip to Boussif proves to be a breaking point for the travelers that were once united on their trek through Africa. Why were Port and Tunner separated on their way to Boussif? What event took place while Tunner was on the train to Boussif that irrevocably changed his relationship with Port forever? Then, explain why, after Boussif, Tunner and Port were never reunited.

Essay Topic 2

Lieutenant D'Armagnac and Captain Broussard are both men who have come into power during the war in Africa. First, describe Lieutenant D'Armagnac's managing style. Then, compare/contrast that to Captain Brossard's management style. How has each of these men taken full advantage of the civil unrest in Africa to promote their own political careers?

Essay Topic 3

While Kit and Port are struggling through their travels in Africa, they meet many locals who are willing to help them find their way. Choose one of these helpful locals and describe how they risked their lives to help the foreign travelers. Why was this type of aid unusual given the political energy in the air during the war?

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