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Short Answer Questions

1. What rumor spreads throughout town about Lieutenant D'Armagnac and Yamina?

2. After Tunner leaves, what does Kit spend her days doing?

3. Where in the Sahara is Ain Korfra in relation to Boussif?

4. What do the prostitutes in Marhnia's story long to do in the desert?

5. What does Port do while Kit and Tunner take a walk together?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kit respond when Port does not come home the morning after their big fight?

2. How do Port and Smail meet?

3. How does Kit feel once she has been separated from Tunner in Ain Krofra?

4. What realization does Port have while riding on the train with Kit to Ain Krofra?

5. How does Port describe Oran?

6. What is the travelers' first impressions of the town of Ain Krofra?

7. What small fight do Port and Kit get into while enjoying dinner at their hotel restaurant near the Lyle's?

8. How do Kit and Port react to seeing the sky for the first time while looking out over the precipice in Boussif?

9. What is Port's first impression of Eric Lyle?

10. How does Tunner attempt to comfort Kit when she is nervous on their train ride to Boussif?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Port is at a brothel with Muhammad, he sees a dancer that he feels instantly connected to. First, describe the dancer that Port is infatuation with and explain what Port finds so alluring about the woman. Then, describe the woman's handicap. What do you think this handicap symbolizes in Port's lust? Finally, explain why Port never consummated his relationship with the woman. How did this fact affect Port's psychology?

Essay Topic 2

All throughout her life, Kit has been obsessed with omens - both good and bad. First, explain where Kit learned to follow the signs of the universe. Then, choose at least two omens Kit saw in the novel and explain what these omens signified. Did the predictions come to pass? How did these events help to shape Kit's relationship with the supernatural world?

Essay Topic 3

Lieutenant D'Armagnac is a man with a very shadowed past. First, describe why the Lieutenant fell from grace in his command. Do you agree with the public's opinion of the Lieutenant? Why or why not? Then, explain how the Lieutenant's shadowed past affects the way he treats the tourists when they are in a time of need.

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