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Short Answer Questions

1. What type of shoes does Kit wear while traveling?

2. What is the name of the city that has a large black market for stolen passports?

3. After Tunner leaves, what does Kit spend her days doing?

4. Who arranges the rooms for the travelers once they finally arrive in Boussif?

5. Where in the Sahara is Ain Korfra in relation to Boussif?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Port separate himself from Tunner in Ain Krofra?

2. How do Port and Smail meet?

3. What disturbing dream does Port have while napping in Oman?

4. When does Port's enjoyment of Mrs. Lyle's bickering finally begin to fade?

5. What interesting offer does Smail make when Port arrives at his home?

6. How does Kit react the morning after she wakes up next to Tunner?

7. What small fight do Port and Kit get into while enjoying dinner at their hotel restaurant near the Lyle's?

8. How does Kit feel once she has been separated from Tunner in Ain Krofra?

9. How does Port describe Oran?

10. What information does Port learn about Eric while having breakfast with Mrs. Lyle in Boussif?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Kit and Tunner have very personal, romantic relationships with the sky. First, describe Tunner's relationship with the sky and what he feels the sky symbolizes. Then, compare/contrast his views with Kit's views and what Kit feels the sky symbolizes. Finally, explain the title of the novel. Which character's view of the sky do you think is represented in the title? How can you tell?

Essay Topic 2

When Port is in Bou Noura, his passport is stolen. First, create a list of characters Port accuses of this theft. Then, describe how at least two of these suspects are cleared of their charges. Finally, state who truly stole Port's passport and describe how this information came to light. How does this realization affect Port's relationship with the rest of the travelers?

Essay Topic 3

All throughout her life, Kit has been obsessed with omens - both good and bad. First, explain where Kit learned to follow the signs of the universe. Then, choose at least two omens Kit saw in the novel and explain what these omens signified. Did the predictions come to pass? How did these events help to shape Kit's relationship with the supernatural world?

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