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Short Answer Questions

1. Why don't the travelers finish eating the soup they ordered in Ain Krorfa?

2. What beverage does Lieutenant D'Armagnac pour for Port in an attempt to warm him up?

3. How does Kit respond when Tunner wraps his arms around her on the train?

4. Which American city is M. Chaoui's favorite city in the world?

5. What unsettling fact about Eric does Mrs. Lyle share with Port over breakfast at the Boussif hotel?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kit react when the Lyles invite her and Port to travel with them to Boussif?

2. What happens when Tunner shows up at Kit's doorstep asking to take her on a walk?

3. How does Kit feel once she has been separated from Tunner in Ain Krofra?

4. What information does Port learn about Eric while having breakfast with Mrs. Lyle in Boussif?

5. When does Port's enjoyment of Mrs. Lyle's bickering finally begin to fade?

6. How does Port react to Marhnia's story about the prostitutes?

7. How does Port describe Oran?

8. What story does Marhnia tell Port about the three prostitutes?

9. How does Kit respond when Port does not come home the morning after their big fight?

10. What awkward moment ensues with Kit enjoys a cup of tea with M. Chaoui?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While Kit is on the train to Boussif, she witnesses some very disturbing scenes. First, describe what images Kit saw while on the train to Boussif and how these images affected her. Then, explain when these images resurfaced in Kit's mind, and describe what these images symbolize to Kit in both scenes.

Essay Topic 2

When Port is in Bou Noura, his passport is stolen. First, create a list of characters Port accuses of this theft. Then, describe how at least two of these suspects are cleared of their charges. Finally, state who truly stole Port's passport and describe how this information came to light. How does this realization affect Port's relationship with the rest of the travelers?

Essay Topic 3

Lieutenant D'Armagnac and Captain Broussard are both men who have come into power during the war in Africa. First, describe Lieutenant D'Armagnac's managing style. Then, compare/contrast that to Captain Brossard's management style. How has each of these men taken full advantage of the civil unrest in Africa to promote their own political careers?

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