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This is the first city the Moresbys and Tunner visit in Africa and has most of the amenities that Europeans require when traveling abroad.


This is sprawling and lively city with some of the last civilized amenities, like sewage and garbage disposal, before one enters the hinterland.

Ain Krorfa

This is a filthy town where the air is infested with a dense cloud of flies and an overwhelming stench of sewage.

Bou Noura

This is a small town in Algeria with a French military outpost.

El Ga'a

This is a grand ancient city in the desert where the streets of the city have been built through the buildings, creating a cave-like labyrinth, crowded with people.


This is a small border town with a French military outpost where transit is infrequent and generally involves stowing away on delivery trucks.


This is a small collective of...

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