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Book 1, Tea in the Sahara: Chapters 1-4

• Port Moresby is traveling through Africa with his wife, Kit. One morning, Port wakes from a strange, disorienting dream. He tells his wife about the dream later, as they are drinking tea.

• In the dream, Port was riding in a train about to crash. He knows he could start his life over if he wanted to, but chooses too late and feels the train crash. He feels the teeth being ripped from his head. Kit is very uncomfortable and starts crying.

• Later, Kit tells Porter that she doesn't trust his friend, Tunner. Tunner and Port have been friends since WWII and have many similar political views. Porter is frustrated with his wife and leaves to take a walk.

• While on a walk, Port is approached by an Arab man who offers a young woman to Port as entertainment. He says the...

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